Common Society Perks!

Earth goes down on you, Life sickens you every second, with every tick of clock, theres a new imagination, a new grief, a new thought that brings you down, that takes your happiness like a attracting magnet.
though you try harder, harder than anything but still you are surrounded by the words, feelings and emotions that never let you go, that never leaves you behind even if you are having the best time of your life. Still couldnt find the true purpose to live. still in search in finding something. saddening humans doesnt make me good, doing good doesnt me better, getting doesnt feel right. Nothing seems to be on the line. Every single tick of the clock shows something you wouldnt have thought of. We all are nothing but a pack of meat and bones. We are nothing but cold hearted humans! We have no morale. We dont feel then what is the purpose to live? why are we all here afterall? Is there anything that you could be satidfied of? Can you be happy by faking happiness? by deceiving your onw conscience, by doing what you shouldnt have undone? by knowing what you are doing is wrong? by knowing that THIS WORLD IS NOTHING BUT A MERE DECEIVING ENTITY! THAT THIS WORLD IS NOTHING BUT A PLACE WHERE WE DONT BELONG!

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