Perks of Being Humans! Forgetting who we are! Forgetting Humanity!

WHAT ARE WE AFTERALL? Humans that only live by finding a minute to laugh, by finding a minute to screw someone, by not knowing that degrading a human is happiness to them! if this is what we are then we shouldnt be living. Are we those humans that feel happy by degrading someone that we shouldnt be or are we those humans that love to make fun of others despite thinking of the fact what that might other be thinking?
is this LIFE? is this what we all call happiness?
doesnt everyone deserve friends, doesnt everyone deserve a moment of peace, shouldnt everyone be happy? but then the four lettered word comes “LIFE”. We all accept the fact that its Life and Its Fate but ITS NOT! It’s what we do to ourselves.. WE let others destroy us yet we dont take a damn stand!
This isnt Life! What are we afterall then?cruel-world

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