The Good are Bullied and The Bad are applauded. Why?

Particularly in todays generation, There are always these societies, individuals who would anything for their self esteem, who would cross any path, any line for their one and only, own fame and scope in a place or society.
A trend that I have seen almost everywhere is, the Good guys are always and always bullied and harrassed while the Bad ones are always applauded, they’re always favoured everywhere. Is this fame and scope in a territory so important? Is it so special which always ends up breaking hearts of humans!
We all say WE ARE HUMANS, we all say WE CARE FOR EACHOTHER but GOD knows whats beneath in them!!
They are nothing but a packet of meant..
The Good guys who are mostly harrassed and teased should getup, stand for their chance! They shouldnt change,  they shouldnt try to be like them, they are unique! Standup for your chance, if you dont you will be teased and harrassed for your life, for the rest of your life!


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