Hearts are broken everywhere, They cannot be Mended.

It was a Stormy Night, Looking at my neighbourhood through my terris, and as the wind hits my body, I remember everything.
Everything that broke my heart. In vain and In pain, It take a puff of my cigratte, And Remember all of those guys and all of those events that tortured me, that made me sick of everything.
What does this all mean?
Everyone is losing their loved ones, Everyone is dying, Somewhere someone is seeing someones last smile, Somewhere someone is listening to last words by a human, If this is a world full of sorrows then where is the Happiness at all?
Is everyone that I see smiling lying about their Happy Faces?
Everyone that gigs with their mates are really gigging? Are they really Laughing?
I always wonder,  what is this specific thing that keeps one happy after facing sorrow, What is that one trait that everyone have which keeps them happy?
If they are trying to be Happy and deep down they are dead then what does Happy at all mean?
Is Happiness all about Laughing and Smiling?
Is it all about Laughing all the time?
I have faced sorrows and so now, I dont see Happiness anywhere. This World, we all live in, has made this place a hell for me.
I dont know What it is really like to be Happy!
Even If I am smiling or laughing, Within a minute All of those bad memories come to my mind, all those worries and everything just flashback and I dont remember to be happy, and I forget what it was really of which i was laughing!
Aaah, I see Either everyone is happy enough or Everyone is sad deep down ad the thing which keeps their saddness hidden is the Fake Mask they have to put everytime when they go out.
Sympathy is something that we all have almost left! There are very less people in a community that will be sympathetic to anyone, with anything, that will be kind to something..
Everyday, Every second and minute, We are changing, We are adjusting ourselves to compete in this terrible society where a Bad deed is the best applauded one and where a Good deed is the best bullied one, Where the quiet always gets bullied and the Harsh always gets applauded, Where Girls cannot go out, Where girls cannot talk to a guy, Where a guy is only made to use Girls..
This is World isnt a World anymore, Its a place full of filth!!

Im sick of this world! The Daylight and Sun grow painful to me- Joseph Addison
Im sick of this world! The Daylight and Sun grow painful to me- Joseph Addison

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