A Sadist!

It has been quite alot of times that I am being called Sadist, Being called Boring because I am not who i was, I have changed myself with the stereotypes of the society. I followed my society, my company and my surroundings but I had to quit everything because that wasnt the way I wanted to live, That wasnt the way where you want to get in touch to a girl to fulfill your dreams and thoughts, The way where you had to have fun no matter if you were sad or happy because everyone around me always said that No one can make you happy unless you want to happy. While following all footsteps of how the society went, how to have fame and everything, I realised that I wasnt happy at all living that way, believing that way, It wasnt the way that was applicable to me.. And since that day I quit everything that I followed, I had to take off the fame I had, I had to close my close contacts, I didnt go out the way others wanted to. I tbought if you live your way, would you be happy? If you lived the way you think where no one can be hurted, no one to irritate you, would you be happy? Keeping these questions in mind, I started the journey to the real me and The way I was, I thought and Behaved.. No wonder, After a span of time, I got started calling Boring, Sadist etc. 

I wondered and grieved, Is it really important to follow what the society says? 

Is it really that important to behave the way society behaves?

I answered myself and said No!

I said I will be living the way I want to and since then Im hearing these names just because Im not who I was with the surrounding.. 

No one knows what a Sadist is. No one knows Ones life, No one knows what one might have been through, No one have the courage to think about others lives while Many People like me are here grieving, yelling at themselves for the vruel world they live in. Is it so Important? Is having fun so fun than satisfaction!! 

A Sadist isnt A Sadist until you hear his/hers story!!

12 thoughts on “A Sadist!

  1. Wow! You are great. Don’t underestimate yourself for anything especially your writing. You have the potential and talent to do great work. Be who you are and be confident about it. And remember: ” at first they will laugh, then they will copy”.

      1. Sadly, this is what life is. But you know what life hands you experiences at the right time, at the exact moment when you need them. And they change you into somone you were destined to be.

        You will surely see the beauty of happiness oneday In Sha Allah. What is meant for you won’t miss you.

      2. Don’t be done just now. There’s so much more life has to offer. And I am sure there are great things to come your way. Be patient. Let the hope in you stay alive.

      3. There is no hope, There is nothing to offer and There is nothing I would like to have from my life or this world.
        It’s just, This world isnt meant for someone like me. There are plenty of me, I have seen many! Striving everyday to heal or Striving everyday to live, Finding a clue. Well, I have done my part..
        I willnot take your time but I have one tip to offer.
        Want your feelings alive through words?
        Study everyones way of Living.

  2. There will be hope only if you let it be. A quote i read somewhere: “blessed are the cracked, for they shall let the light in”. Let the light in, you’ll shine oneday.

      1. You will see it. Just believe that there is good in this world. Believe that you have talents and strengths that can make you do wonders. Or be a guiding light for those in trouble.

      2. Aaah Sumal, you donot how much of a guiding light have i been!
        You donot know how much have i saved but all that doesnt matter to me. Im seriously happy in just you laying in a darkroom with some soft light and listening to the maestro Hans Zimmer (seriously, do listen to Hans Zimmer) you are going to love him!

    1. And Thankyou for you to have concern.
      Write more, more and more. Donot quit once, because once you give writing up, you will lose the natural essence when you had your first post, that first natural talent..
      So no matter whatever happens, keep writing!

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