We still’re Junk!

It certainly hurts, tears one apart when the world you are interacting with doesnt know you,
When they cannot understand you, When they cannot feel the way you feel.
You see, all of us have feelings, right?
All of us have the ability to think and feel?
All of us are Humans, right?
Then why cannot we feel ones pain, why cannot we judge the capacity of his pain when that person wants you to know,
Why do we always have to be so inhuman?
Why are we even calling us all humans?
Are we really humans?
Are only here just to eat and shit and sleep?
Should I, you and everyone think about the way they are or the way feel when we meet someone?
Shouldnt we just stop for a while and think about it?
Cant we just stop admiring the world and admire everything around us?
But no!!!
We still are Inhumans!
We still are JUNK!!

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