Human inside a Human.

Its true, There’s another human in every another human.
We are so badly damaged by our minds, by our thoughts, by the way of our thinking that we are torturing ourselves mentally.
We are not who we were supposed to be, how we were supposed to be.
Getting the dignity of the society and fulfilling their demands have made us all fallen.
Almost everyone isnt who he is, Almost everyone is ashamed of the way they think, Almost everyone is ashmed of the way they are, they way they are special.
You see, Everyone among us is SPECIAL. Everyone!
Every single human, From an Infant to an Old Man. All of us are special then Why do we ruin ourselves in acheiving something that Itsnot going to last with you for a longtime!
Be who you are, Donot change yourself for anyone, for anything!
You are special the way you are.
Donot Be a Human inside a Human!!

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