Sitting in the dark, lonely room, lonely place and the lonely thoughts that keep’s us away from us.
The Striving and Chilling songs never feel good, never thrills at all, yet the most slow and soft songs
are Everything you have.
Keeping in mind, Things done wrong, Things done in the past cannot be erased but can be repent.
We donot think of repenting. We donot think of Reshaping. yet, We blame ourselves for everything.
Life has a very sicken way of putting spikes in one’s way.
It is unpredictable, yet, What predictable is your Luck, not Fate!
In Every manner you could just connect the Impossible to Possible, The Unpredictible to Predictible, The Invincibles to Unassaibles.
It just needs a vision, vision that most of us dont have. We have thoughts not vision, but yet,
Thoughts can be called Visions, and Visions can be called thoughts!
Yet We are here complaining about everything, complaining about ourselves!

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