Fears of the Unknown, Dying in the Present.

All of us live in the fears of the unknown, we die and are reborned every single day, we donot live the present, we just pass it.
Living something doesnt mean to have fun, to get high or have harmony as you never did, To Live is to have Peace.
When you dont have Peace, you have nothing!
Even if you every single wonders you had in your mind, You wont be LIVING, you would just be passing.
So, Is there any solution to Live this very second you are reading?
Yes, There is.
You see, Everyone of us live a different life, with a different agenda and a different lifestyle yet almost all of our Objectives are aligned but our Emotions arenot aligned.
We are emotionally different from Eachother, Some might be sensitive, Some might have vague personalities.
Almost Everyone of us have lost our True Nature, WHO WE REALLY WERE?
Trying to adjust in these dusts of world has polluted us so much that We have really forgotten what we really was.
You may now thing that,”No! With time a person changes”, NO! With time a Person doesnt change, HE/SHE CHANGES HIMSELF/HERSELF just to adapt.
Living in the moment can be acheived by several ways depending on your Emotional Intelligence.
1)- Knowing the mistakes happened in the Past were done for good.
2)- Keep telling yourself that whatever happens, its written in ones fate. And Many more!
Just Remember, Donot lose your identity as almost all of us has!
Be who you are, Have Peace, Have LIFE!! and again HAVE PEACE!!! peace

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