Fighting against the Internal and the External Powers!

Events in the past changes a person in the present,
Bad Events largely have a role in changing the person who he is now, Some people seek answers, some ignore them leaving them abandoned for years and ages, some adapt to the events so that they dont hurt more while some adapt and live with those events.
The last kind of People are the People that have a disoerdered thinking, Ill-mannered brain.
Society, Life, Pleasures, Emotions, Feelings, Pain and many more factors shape those kind of people into something that we
call “Social Monsters”. They can be either Evil or Broken, They either avenge everything from the world or They just giveup.
They either seek answers or Leave the questions as a Leaf leaves the Tree in Autumn.
They fight against their Internal and External Powers, They dont have fun, They dont cherish moments (even the happy ones), They are just used to LIVE, Just to breathe and stay active.
Internal Powers of these People are Mostly Their “Thoughts”, Thoughts of every kind and nature, thoughts of ambiguous form, thoughts about Life and Their Past.
They aren’t happy.
Internally, They are dead, Externally They are just seen as Alive.
They can be labelled as in a sentence as “Dead Man Walking”.
They literally are Dead Man Walking.
Fighting against External Powers of theirs include Their Society! These People hate the society in every manner, They dont
adapt to the society easily, They always seek the good one so that they can live their in peace, in the society!
They have to fight against these powers every single second, but why? cant they have fun and stay happy? NO!
Their mind with time is structured in a way that doesnt accept happiness, They only see saddness.
In a word, These people are always called “SADIST”.
Sadist in every meaning and dimension of Life!
They dont live!
They dont die!
They dont have fun!
They dont know what happiness is because all the time in their lives they FIGHT AGAINST THE INTERNAL AND THE EXTERNAL POWERS!! alone_depressed_try_to_depress_me_even_more_wg_dare_desktop_1024x768_wallpaper-436745

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