Non-Stop Pleasuring Life the Wrong Way! 

We have seen this everywhere, in everyone, each of us know what we are doing, each of us
have the wisdom of knowing about something that we are going to do, yet most of all do some-
thing just to pleasurise their life, just make their some minutes of their life happy. Most of us do not

think or have the vision to see the consequences of this pleasuring, we take pleasures from Hashish, Alcohol, Bullying and Abusing, Teasing, Calling Names, Regularly Abusing Everyone, For
To make our Life happy, To makes those minutes of ones Life comfortable, yet they don’t see their results, someone might commit suicide, someone might just lose their mind and do something that they might regret their whole life.
We have always seen and heard everywhere that Life is something that needs to be enjoyed, chiled and lived, yet they don’t tell you how it is lived, enjoyed and chilled, yet they don’t tell you about the rules, consequences and the aftermaths, yet they call and shout YOLO(You Only Live Once). What if your very own abusing, bullying and teasing ends a book for another person, whatif
the things you do to make yourself pleasure and happy, is the last page you are writing your Lifes Book. YOU NEVER KNOW! YOU NEVER THINK!! YOU NEVER HAVE THE VISION ABOUT THE AFTERMATHS!!
Why? After all why are we like this? Why do we have to behave in this particular manner?
Why do we destroy the only think that keeps us alive, SOUL?
Almost everyone of us, have this perception about Life, Almost everyone of us live the minute as If it’s their last one, Why do we hurt everyone ONLY AND ONLY for own pleasures?
Is this World, Is this Humanity? Who is to Blame?
Society? Mental Sickness?
Mental Stability?
What? There’s not a single point that points towards this pleasure, Theres nothing!
We should think and observe and have a vision about the things we do today, about the thing that we are doing this right second! We shouldn’t just think about our own selves, we should have humanity! We should know the consequences of our OWN DOINGS!!

2 thoughts on “Non-Stop Pleasuring Life the Wrong Way! 

  1. I think, the only way to do that is to teach a child the real pleasures the right way! So that he can grow into a person who uplifts others for pleasure rather than degrade them.

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