Everything’s Uglier Upclose (Title Taken from a quote in “Paper Plans”)

That’s Right! And It’s valid.
I wonder If this statement really mattered when it first came out, I wonder If it applied to the Humans before us, generations before us because People arent the same, People arent How they naturally are.
People have worn fabrications around themselves, one cannot just clearly see through the person.
Everyday you are going to see and observe and meet hundreds or fifties of different people and yet none of them disguises as they are.
Somehow, a major aspect LIFE comes in.
Life shapes them into something that makes them wear Fabrications.
That makes them so vague that you wont understand what that person really is about.
Those Fabrications has worn off the luminations that were brought with his Nature and Personality.
Everything today has come down into a three lettered word “Fun”.
For “Fun” everything is fair as in “Everything is fair in love and war”.
This quote goes for the “Fun” of this Era too.
For Fun we outlive ourselves, For Fun we dilute ourselves, For Fun we try to be unrealistic.
Its not fun! Its not pretty and Its not even cool.
What it is, is a new legal person, a dead man walking around!
Nothing else, The person you are mostly close to around might be the one with the evilest thoughts and deeds and might be the one that has the most soft heart.
But, We dont often see these kind of people nowadays as everything there is today, is for our ownselves, everything except education etc. Socially, Eveything is evil.
Everything is bad, Everything is cruel. Even a sentence makes a path to break a heart,
Even a sentences makes a way to suicide.
Everyday we see people having different makes of personalities so that no one ever could know who that person really is, why? thats because all of us are pretty much in acquiring FUN forgetting that there are People that has needs.
Even the prettiest things from the far gets uglier upclose.
“Everything is uglier upclose”tumblr_nm8hhjdof71uq911mo1_400

5 thoughts on “Everything’s Uglier Upclose (Title Taken from a quote in “Paper Plans”)

  1. And some people fabricate just to fit in! To be accepted and not alienated by the society. Just because loneliness is scary as hell. (Just adding in my thoughts)
    The article is great!

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