Trust always loses its Beauty, Always Betrays.

Well yeah, After reading the title you must be thinking that It isnt true at all but guess what?
It is true, It is true afterall but some of the betrayal is either hidden or shown to you, the point is that Trust always betrays you with that specific thing.
Now, We all know that Once we trust a thing or someone or anyones words or actions, we solely give everything to that particular aspect but thats not real!
Somehow somewhere sometime the Trust of yours is going to kick you into the Ocean, Make you drown with watching that you are going to die in the upcoming moments but He shows you a lesson, a morale that none of us will ever learn.
Trust shows that how he can come from the behind, kick you and let you die!
Trust is the only thing that keeps two persons together yet these two persons are betraying eachother with their respective trust.
Trust is the only thing that holds two objects together yet the objects have a firm commonsense that someday it is going to betray, it isnt going to let you live in peace!
Now well, yes i do agree that there are some cases in which Trust hasnt betrayed you or the other but thats the other thing, right here, im talking about as a whole, as in general!
The moment you attach Trust with something, Be Mentally and Physically prepared for the time when this Trust of yours kicks you right at the spot!

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