Forgetting what Happiness really is!

I have been through many people that do laugh, that do smile and that do enjoy their lives but In real They arent who they are! They are different from their real selves!
Almost Everyone nowadays isnt The way he should be, The way he was supposed to be!
All those Traits, Characteristics are gone, They are molded with something Temporary!
They are grinded
Dissolved and then swallowed.
By Swallowing I mean, They are gone!
We forego our real traits and characteristics for something that isnt real, for something that doesnt do good to one.
You see, Everywhere, Everyone, In every single place, Either younger or elder, you are going to observe (if you have a good eye and you are an excellent observant!) that Everyone nowadays is Taken and Broken! Broken by the world, Broken by Emotions and Feelings, Broken by the Cruelties of this Earth, Broken by the People, Broken by our own Beliefs!
But as They say that Broken Hearts and Broken People cannot be mended!
You cannot mend something that you broke in the first place!
You cannot put together the pieces as They were in the first place!
Once something, someone, some feelings are Broken, They cannot be mended!
Now, There are some people that you see, Dont feel happiness!
A question is going to arise in your minds that how does one doesnt feel happiness?
Well, Good for you, I have an answer!
If you look closely in that specific Happiness you have or you will be getting about a particular matter, YOU WILL HAVE PEACE!
Now, its a simple equation, PEACE=HAPPINESS!!
When you dont have Mental and Internal Peace then you dont have Happiness!
When you dont feel Happiness for long, Then you forget what happiness was or is or will be!
You see, This world is a cruel place to live in!

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