Social Dominancy!

Here we are, Living in a World where Two ends barely meet for many,
Where the rich kids cry for the things when the poor cant get a hold of two times meals. And in between there is a layer, a social layer, thats goes to continue everywhere. That pursues everyone in every manner, its just a matter of personnels that dont take the social dominancy wrong.
Yes, Each one of us is different from the other, Every one of us is unique in its own way and manner, Every one of us has certain traits that others dont have while what others have we dont have.
Now, With these different traits, there are different natures, different characters, different humans and different self-ideologies.
These characters are differentiated by the way they talk, walk and handle matters! Since we all live in an era, where being funny and being in a “YOLO!” mood is much appreciated than being in ones own character and style.
Sometimes when you dont switch on your “YOLO!” mood for a while, you are going to hear some ultimate suprising words from others!
So, In between everything i said, are some people that cannot do anything about the suffering that is caused to him by others because those others are dominant. These dominant people will do everything, no matter what the subject is, just to prove the “YOLO!” theme.
Why do we do it?
Why cannot we put ourselves in others shoes and try to understand if that person or persons or anyone is really having a good time with me?
NO! We dont put ourselves in others shoes just because They have been taught by Society, by Movies, by Serials that You donot have to care for others as long as you are having a good time.
These kind of people need to be hanged!
They need to be thrown off from an aeroplane with no parachute on.
Please, those who perfectly fit in the descriptions above, Do think about others while you are having fun!

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