All of us are Talented

I was watching this video on TEDex where Reknown people come and talk about their success or their acheivements or about any topic. Its a platform where the best people come and talk about their topic.
So, On TEDex i was watching this guy from India who had passed several exams in a younger age and he said,”PUSH YOURSELVES AND SEE WHERE IT TAKES YOU”.
He was right, All of us are Talented but what most of us lack is that we dont Push ourselves towards our ambition, our goal, our dream.
Relying on Fate and Luck isnt going to bring you charm but Hardwork and Consistency is going to rewrite your Fate and Luck.
We just have to see and watch how many wonders we can acheive if and if we ever tried to push ourselves towards what we want.
You see, in every area of life, you have to move forward and to move forward you have to push yourself, you have to take some pain, you have to make your own wind so that you can decide where to blow, as it says “Goes where the Wind blows” thats what im trying to say.
There is another saying that says “Pain is Gain” or “No Pain No Gain”, which i totally agree to.
When you suffer, when you bear pain, when you see misery, you shape yourself to work hard, to struggle, to overcome the obstacle you have!
Now thats what pushing is.
Sitting idle, Surfing social networks and enjoying life isn’t what your success demands!!
“GOES WHERE THE WIND BLOWS” (Make your own wind in your Life)
“Pain is Gain” (If you suffer in what you want to acheive, you will get what you want)

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