A Book to ponder upon.

This title above says “A Book to ponder upon”, Most of us humans or teenagers have some time facing difficult and tough situations regarding their Education, Result and Exams. After watching the movie “the Pursuit of Happyness” Featuring Will Smith, I decided to read its book also called,”The Pursuit of Happyness”.
The movie is about a man who has faced many hardships many struggles and still he stood up and got first among his competitors.
Hardships like, He had no home, No place to live and sleep so he used to sleep in Railway Station Restrooms for something like 6-9months and in between this time he also used to manage to get himself and his son a room in Homeless People Flats (where the homeless people are allowed to sleep for a night in a flat on first come first serve basis).
So, this man is called “Chris Gardner”.
Now the movie doesnt have much depth in it as the book has, in the movie you just get the motivation to be tough and study hard while reading the book you can imagine if it were you in his place how it would have been.
He didnt have any resources, he didnt have anything like what we have today but still he got out there, stood on the top and remained at the top. This man “Chris Gardner” was dubbed as “Homeless to Millionere”.
One cannot imagine living in the restroom of railway stations for 6-9months with his/her son and studying there or staying in a flat for a night in a Homeless People flat!
At first, in his book, he says he was in the forces (Navy) then after the navy he went to a hospital job with a surgeon, more like his assisstant so he started learing medical, he learnt so much that he could perform operations without his surgeon and he would earn a good living there but after that he went into some bussiness which had to see its downfall much soon after a little success of it.
What i want to say is that People that strive for facilities are successful while People who have the facilities remain unsuccessful (this is because of many factors, maybe sometime later i ll brag about it).
Do read this book in order to set yourself, in order to know where you are standing.
This book is a must read. cover

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