Somewhere between Anger and Negative Reasoning we lose ourselves.

Most of us have a problem with our temper. Some of us are Short Tempered while Some have a good ability to wait and control their hostile feelings.
Somewhere between Getting Angry and having hostile thoughts we lose ourselves.
We lose ourselves in such a way that We dont have a little clue about What would our acts or our words coming out from our very own little mouth have an affect on others?
We dont think that way!
Somewhere between thinking of using obstructive words and obstructive moves we lose ourselves.
Somewhere between our pride and our ego we lose ourselves!
Somewhere getting angry at someone just to gain control over the other party we lose ourselves.
Temper is good in some instances for others like our parents, occasionally but not usually.
Temper is the only thing that really cracks the bond between two people and with time breaks it into pieces, that bond then lies shattered to pieces on the same piece of ground where this temper of yours arose and wounded some good brains and thoughts of others.
If we could just ever think of not losing ourselves between getting angry and thinking of what we will be saying when we are about to get angry, we then wont have to break something that isnt meant to be broken by our very own harsh words and tones.
But in reality, we all are fighting for freedom and dominancy, we dont think about the hostile thoughts and feelings of ours, we dont think the after effects and side effects of our own temper which then later on causes a huge distress in what so case this temper is used.
Temper can then be constructive too but for that, there must be something called Mutual Understanding.
Somewhere in between all those we are lost and once we are lost in there, we can never find ourselves way back to the original place, in one case we can, and thats when one has a clear line of seeing the after effects of it.
So, Don’t get lost somewhere in between getting angry and those hostile thoughts! anger_by_liza23q-d7ejepx

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