Everything that is happening has an opposite effect!

Rightnow whatever you’re doing willnot be repeated in the exactly same way as now.
Its not going to be the same tomorrow or for a long time!
This is something that I call, Opposite Effects of Everything in Life!
Yeah well, Everyone know that Every action has an reaction but what im saying is different from this.
Whatever you are doing rightnow willnot be repeated exactly the same!

9 thoughts on “Everything that is happening has an opposite effect!

  1. It’s a strange phenomena.
    You can only understand this when you come to know that what you are doing right now, for example You are commenting here or Talking to me, Tomorrow you won’t be doing this!

  2. Mmm… I don’t think so. What if one continues to do what he’s doing?
    When i read the post, I had another meaning for it in my mind, nd I think that was more satisfying.

  3. What i thought of it, was something like:
    Suppose you’re very happy today, and all of a sudden your life changes. A year from now when your life is no more like it was a year ago, you’ll feel sad remembering those days, you’ll feel sad by remembering that happiness. Similarly, suppose you’re very sad today, when that time passes, nd your life move towards a different path, nd you’re happy with it now. Then by remembering those days of sorrow, you’ll feel blessed. You’ll feel happy that your life isn’t like that anymore.
    In short, by remembering the happiness of today, in your future, when you no longer have it, you’ll feel sad. Similarly, by rememring the harsh times of yesterday, when your life has changed today, you’ll feel blessed nd happy. This is what I call “opposite effect”. (Sad bacause of past happiness, and happu because of past sadness).
    It may also be something like, “the more you SWEAT while training today, the less you’ll BLEED during battle tommorow”. You’ll get opposite of what you’re doing today. “Today’s struggle, tomorrow’s success.”
    This is what I call “opposite effect of what you do or what’s happening today”.
    I don’t know if I’m good enough, like you, to explain what I actually want to say, but that’s what came into my mind from your title, ๐Ÿ™‚

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