Tumbling between Decisions.

Worst part of Life comes at a point where you have two options to face.
Both of them are good and bad in a certain way and you dont know which way to go, hence you hang or you tumble between them.
you lack the experience to make wise decisions, time is slipping away, seconds minutes hours and days pass by, yet we havent decided what to do and what not to.
A usual trend we have is that we always do what shouldnt be done and we always dont do what should be done.
So, you lack the courage to take a step to be something you aspired for, something that you wanted, but there comes a swing, a turn in your thoughts, you stop in a place where the same single road you have been coming on is then divided into two, you dont know which way to go, which one is the better and which one is the worst. Sometimes our worst decisions turn out to be the best and the greatest and sometimes the wise ones are so terrible that you have to curse yourself for the rest of your life.
You then seek for advices, you get bundles of advices and yet none of them satisfy you, know why? because you know yourself well enough. There isnt going to someone that tells you the right path or the wrong, you are the one who is going to decide if the decision you take turns out to be wrong, then STICK with it, FIGHT it and WIN the battle that you touched first, WIN the brawl against your fate and your luck, Time is slipping away, its too short that you wont have the TIME to look back and ponder upon and even if you do you look for errors and mistakes, you look to make things right in the past, you cant do that (unless you have a time machine).
Whenever you are tumbled between decisions, you are hanging by a thread where your heart stops thinking and gives the supreme authority to decide to your Brain then you must act, you must do whats RIGHT, you must do WHAT SERVES YOU, BECAUSE YOU ARE THE ONLY MASTER OF YOURSELF, TAME YOURSELF, FIGHT WHAT COMES IN YOUR WAY AND MAKE THE BAD DECISION THE GREATEST. decision-making

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