Life in a disguise.

struggle-with-life“When you try your best but you dont succeed, When you get what you want but not what you need… Could this be worse”- Fix You, Coldplay.
Life has a  way to mess with us, to laugh at us and to pity us.
At times, you feel like you are the most luckiest person alive while sometimes on the other hand you have no clue what really is happening, it just gets worse and worse and you endup at a point where you have no hope, no idea and no light to guide you, no advice, no shoulders to lean on and no strength to fight.
We all fear the day when we lose hope, we dont have hope, we all fear the times when the tides of life get high, when the waves of life get huge and just suck you in, in its emptiness and hollowness and its saddness and depressions.
Life takes you to a point where it keeps on keeping you low, no matter how hard you try to fight this, but Life will always teach you something with making knocking you out, with something that you couldnt imagine and it happens.
It kicks, punches, slaps you, It fights back, There is a constant brawl between us and the life we are living. Not a single second that we breathe and that we expect to live in peace is gone peacefully, we always fight life, one way or another we fight it but none of us realise it.
There is nothing like Peace, There is something called Internal Peace and you can only have Internal Peace when you win the fight with your Life. When you knock your Life out and yell at it,”YEAHH!! I AM MUCH MORE STRONGER, COME AT ME AGAIN AND I WILL SLIT YOUR THROAT”. That’s something to go with.
At times, Life tells you that you can’t do it, Ofcourse you can but How? Fight it, Win it.
At times, Life has a way of discouraging you, Fight it, Find a way to put courage in yourself, Win it.
At times, Life gives you something that brings you down, FIGHT IT!!
Every single second, Every single breath, we are fighting life.
Its just a matte of strenght, knowing

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