In Need Of a Relief

Ever felt like begging one person to talk to you, to text you, to be with you 24/7, and most of all to talk your heart out to, and still you have misery on your hands, still you have the smooth touch of pain on your heart, a heartache, a colliding effect with sorrows and joy.
A time where you are already dead, you have no hopes, people tell you to move on but There is no moving on because no matter how much you talk to others, how much you fake smiles, sometime a point you are going to remember all those pretty little things you had with the person you are begging to now.
Its kind of funny how life plays with you. Life distracts you with sorrows with little joy and then with a click, puts a burden on you, a pain, a misery that you never wanted to have and tells to stick with it and just forget those little happy moments you had.
There is a great pain in doing whatever you can just to talk to the person you feel comfortable with, secure with and most of all get a moment of relief with but you get to know the pain when everything you do, all the beggings are just lost, they are gone in vain. Again with a  click, you are back to who you were before, back to all those points where you think and wish if you hadn’t done this and that at those moments where it really mattered.
Small details, small moments are more than an eternity of life, you are distorted, you never had a backup to your happy life, YOU CANNOT BE RESTORED and the person you need a relief with is just gone cold hearted. People change with so many things and so instantly. They change quick enough that you don’t get to realize, you don’t get to notice the facts and after sometime you get to see the changed person because feelings and emotions are mortal, the ones suffering since a longtime know what and how immortal feelings are.
You might be the kindest person alive but That kindness doesn’t do you any good, all you get is harsh words, all you get is people poking fun of you and even after all this you go back to the same single person that changed instantly and beg for a moment of relief, for a need that only he/she can fulfill yet everything goes in vain, yet there is dead end again and you go all the way back to the cycle where you don’t get a relief, don’t get joy and all you get is pain, bundles and loads of pain, misery!
All you can wish for is death.
There are some lines that really fit in all these in the song “Mad World – Gary Jules, Donnie Darko (Movie)” It says, ” All around me are familiar faces

Worn out places, worn out faces

Bright and early for their daily races

Going nowhere, going nowhere……
And I find it kinda funny

I find it kinda sad

The dreams in which I’m dying

Are the best I’ve ever had…”
The writer in this song is so fedup with life that the dreams in which he is dying are the best ones he ever have.
So, Don’t be some coldhearted person, you will be if you don’t have a conscience, Let people have a moment of relief, because you never know sometimes Life takes everything from you just by snapping your soul for eternity.

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