Dead Human Living

All alone, Full of emotions, Full of guilts and regrets, Full of remorse, Faking Faces, Faking Smiles, Faking Laughs, Changing Continuously, Adapting every single time you go out.
You have no faith over yourself, you feel rejected, dejected!
You feel that there is no one to love you, to feel you and to understand you.
You are all there all alone, you are on your own, the world is busy in their own doings and not doings, and you are here all alone wondering why me. Why always me!
Why does it happen always to me?
You have no clue, you want to cry yet you cannot cry, you want shed some tears into the ocean of your misery and emotions and feelings, yet the rivers of your cry are dry,
you want to know what has been kicking you, what has been punching you, what has been keeping you down, but you cannot know, you have no idea what is happening to you.
You feel the world has ended upon you, you choose death over Life, you choose the peace of death over the pain of life that has been controlling you.
You are nothing more than a dead human, a dead human with only guilt and regrets, with only pain and sufferings. Laughs donot matter to you, Socialising doesn’t.
You cannot help yourself, there is no way out, there is nothing that you can do.
All you do is accept and live with everything.
All you have known over all the years is Pain, Regrets and Guilt, and the conscience that doesn’t allow you to sleep at night, the conscience that keeps on coming back at you for everything that you did, for everyone that you hurted, for every revenge that you took. All the courage that were taugh is gone, All the belief that you had upon yourself is gone,  you are just a dead human, a dead human walking, eating and living.
Your heart is full of emotions, your brain destroys you with these thoughts that you cant just think about. You are on the verge of giving up, yet you struggle, you fight!!
You Stand Up against all the evil living inside you, You see the world differently, You are experienced. Get up and don’t lose the battle within. You are beautiful, You are special, You are everything that one could ask and wish for.
Don’t be someone who just loses control over emotions, over thoughts, over those diversifying feelings that you cant get ahold of. Be the one that no one can be! Be Different.
Accept who you are!!
Be who you are!!
Be the ones that can live with Pain because After all there is no joy in happiness if you haven’t felt pain, because there is no sweetness in success if you haven’t tasted the bitterness of Failure, because there is no sweet fragrance if you jumble up all the ingredients, because there is nothing PERFECT!!
Nothing is Perfect!!
Everything has its goods and its bads, Live with the Goods, Bads are for those who have no conscience, who have no Humanity. I believe you have conscience and humanity if you are a human. Don’t be a dead human living, don’t be a dead man walking, don’t be a cold hearted human, don’t be the one that quits, don’t be the one that cannot swim in an ocean of Life, Life full of everything.
You give up because you feel sad, you feel hopeless, you feel helpless, don’t give up because There is always a good after a bad, There is always happiness after sorrow.
DON’T GIVE UP!! DON’T SURRENDER TO YOUR EMOTIONS BECAUSE ALL THEY CAN DO IS LET YOU DOWN.  Here’s a quote- “It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll,

I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul”― William Ernest Henley

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