Trapped in Sickness.

Life has a way of molding itself with grief, pain and sorrow, with joy and happiness.
Life is something that we wont ever understand, you might read and see quotations about Life but That’s just a generalized view about it, We will never know what really Life is.
In between Pain, Grief and Sorrow, comes its very own master called Sickness.
Now you might think that being sick is something to do with you Physically, no my love,
Mental Sickness, Mental Restlessness, Mental Instability, That is what Sickness is.
You are trapped in it, Molded in it, You give yourself to it. Sickness is much more powerful than you, you don’t have the courage to fight anymore, almost every second of your Life you think about how to tackle this and that, but you never get a way around, you never can deceive it. You always have to embrace it with your arms wide open, with your chest to be as wide as the distance between the North and South Poles, why is that?
That is because you get so much used to this sufferings and pain that you never see joy as happiness, that you never see victory as a win, that you never see something good that good, you always see and seek Pain, you always want to suffer, you want to conquer the land of all the sufferings because that might be the only thing which might be keeping you alive.
You get sickness because you hurt somebody, you throw that person under the rug, you react very different, you are a new person with a new mentality, you might feel wonderful or dreadful, that depends, but My love, Once you lose something you get to know the value of it, once its gone it’s GONE, once you have taken the step into that path, you are GONE!, you realize what a big blunder you have done, you panic, you think about all those memories, you smile and with the smile comes a waterfall of your tears, you are helpless, sickness is calling you to its bed, asking you to be with him, telling that I will give you pain, I will make you suffer, afterall isn’t that you love the most? And you yell with yourself, yes I do! Sickness traps you in his own web, Sickness is like a mother to you, leaving no stone unturned to make you sick! You cry, you ask for help, you consult others, but but but, Consulting doesn’t do you any good, It doesn’t keep you alive, It doesn’t make you feel better because They don’t give you what you need, They don’t have the medicine, The injection, The remedy, to your cries, to your sickness, to your sufferings.
You break something that you cannot repair, you cannot mend a broken heart as the Beatles said, all you seek is Pain.
Every once in a while you think that okay! This is it, this might be the last time, it wont happen again, it will be over. It is over but It comes back again, THAT SICKNESS comes back with a grin smile and laughs at you, tells that you were his best pal how can he let you go,
he tells that until you die I’m going to make you suffer!
Behold of the fact that with every pain comes joy, with every sorrow comes happiness.
You will find joy, you will be happy but The People that love Sickness never get to taste Happiness, never get to think normal, and that my friend is Trapped in Sickness!!

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