With the deep thoughts, all the threads and dots connected to Life, all the emotions and feelings touched for someone, touched beneath the sheath layers of your heart, all the feelings and emotions touched with someone, we are vulnerable!
All the time, All the minutes and seconds in your day, Pain, Guilt or Remorse catches you like a storm catches birds. It engulfs you, wraps it around you and holds you tight as if you two were lost lovers.
You talk to people, certain people, tell them what is wrong, consult them but yet again you are the most vulnerable human because with all that consulting you just have given them the key to unlock the backdoor to your life, if and only if that human understands the value of the key.
Life has a pretty funny way to prank us. It gives you memories with your loved ones, grief with your loved ones and yet still We go back to the same loved ones that abandoned us, that caused us so much trouble, that destroyed that us that we might think for a second about quitting Life. They give you such pain that you might not endorse it, such pain that never heals, pain that never fades away.
You always think about the memories that you both shared, maybe gig at it, smile at it, laugh at it and then cry for it. You see, we don’t know the values of Humans or Persons in our Life unless They are long gone, unless they are long tired from you, unless you don’t attract them anymore, unless they misinterpret you, unless they make you the Devil even If you are an Angel, but with all this, with everything happening to us we never take sometime out and think about the most important question, “WHY?!”. We never get to think about Why. Maybe you have done the same thing to someone, maybe you abandoned someone while that person needed you the most, maybe you took that person as a Devil but in fact that person was an angel for you. Maybe you never get to think about, ”What goes around always comes around” but then Hey! It is Life, isn’t it? We don’t have the Brains to think about Karma and stuff. We merely just give some thought about someone, we merely are affectionate towards someone and called it “Love”. Maybe you getting abandoned is the best option for you because you don’t know what the future holds.
You see, All that stuff is easy to forget if our Brain is mastered and trained to do so, but the thoughts of someone abandoning you for something that you never did, keeps on itching those same sheath of layers in your heart that had caused to affection, that had caused to make you love or Even if you are the devil that person may not know why. This never goes and all our Life, we are vulnerable unless and until you switch your emotions off, you short circuit all the wires connected to your vulnerabilities and burn them, unless you wait for the storm to settle, unless you wait for a sunshine, for a ray of happiness, of joy, all of this is possible except you can never ever turn your emotions off, you can never burn those wires, you can never settle the storm, the tornados, the hurricanes, the disasters ripping your Life apart, it never stops and you don’t get to assess which part we have to let go and which not to because afterall all our Life, We are full of Vulnerabilities!!

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