Deep lying in the mist of your eyes,
Deep down in the midst of thoughts,
Wandering here and there.
Thinking about all the things you did, all you things that you shouldn’t have done, all the things that just took a lapse of time and a cloud of misery gazed upon you.
A mere single little second, A little act that makes two persons apart, that makes the mountains break, that breaks something so quick which took years to build.
Somewhere deep down in all of us, we forgot how to resist, we forgot how to control, we forgot how to be keep everything in order, we forgot the things that we shouldn’t expose, things that can be exploited.
But we all really are imperfect.
Always argue, Always fight those facts that we don’t want to hear or listen or accept,
Always fight to make our own way, yet we still don’t make or find our way, yet we still dwell in the same position we were before fighting.
Fighting something that you have to accept, which might you change, doesn’t do you any good.
All night you are staring at the wall, at everything, and think how stupid you were, how desperate you were that you did some things that shouldn’t be done at the first place.
At once, all your bad memories come rushing at you as If these thoughts were your somehow kids and they want you to feed them, those thoughts are feeded by us.
We feed them, we groom them, we make them growup, we water them so much that they have strong roots in our Brain, So as you cannot break or remove a strong tree from the ground, the same you cannot do with all those thoughts that you have.
We really are weak!
Weak that we cannot defend from the demons inside us, from the devils inside us, from the tortures inside us, we dwell, we live and we are happy that happens inside us.
Every single morning, you wakeup and you somehow come to think that Today is the day, Today im not going to feel regret, Today im going to enjoy the day as much as I can, Today I’ll the most optimistic human but aaah! Hello my little friend, hello my weak friend, you are weak, you tell yourself all that you really cannot apply a single thing to it.
You might be all that strong and stuff but what matters the most is your brain and heart, when that is weak, how do you call yourself strong?
Step out of those dreams, make something of yourself.
Break your mediocrity.
Tear it all apart. Bring some changes.
Change every single detail in your Life.
Make something of it!
YES!! When you think that Today is going to be best day, then it can be if you want to.
I mean who loves being miserable, who loves being sad all the time? Almostly no one!
Everyone wants to be happy and satisfied, you have a chance each day to make that happen but Alas! Those demons and devils have gotten ahold of you! KILL THEM!
When you go to bed at night, Think about all the good things you did, Don’t degrade yourself over something that has happened in the past, don’t think about something that you cannot undo.
Live as if it was your last day!

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