At the end of the day..

We all live our glorious lives, the luminous moments we all had, have and expect to have, All the memories that are attached to our lives with a staple that we cannot forget.
We do everything to enjoy, to have fun and to have the best moments of our lives depending on how we want to have fun.
We do what we shouldn’t do and we never do what should be done.
This line above is true portrait of how we are today, We do stuff that harm us, that injure us and yet we do them without a blink. We do stuff that makes us better in every way but we never think about doing it, or being consistent at it because “You Only Live Once” in short Y.O.L.O.
These four words have destroyed lives, broke people, shattered them in pieces. These people never get back to the form, to the strength they used to have, to the mental peace, to the love that they used to give and take, to the respect that they used to have for others.
All in all, those four words destroyed us, it makes us nothing but a dead man walking.
In order to satisfy that we do some things, some acts, something that really pleasures us for the moment, for the time but destroys us afterwards. Now this is the part which we totally ignore. I would get high to have a quality time but I wouldn’t look at the aspects that  It would depress me, It would affect me mentally, It would affect my health, just for what some few hours at the most.
People ruin themselves, are ruined by others but They never ever get to see the real picture of themselves and of others, for them You Only Live Once is a testament bestowed upon us by GOD. For them, It is everything and those who act upon this are doomed because At the end of the day its not what we didn’t do gets counted, its what we did makes you accounted for.
At the end of the day you are lying in your bed thinking about how and why did you endup doing shit (if you have some conscience otherwise you wouldn’t think about it). At the end of the day, you never get to think that suppose if the quality time I was trying to have doing some bad stuff was my last moment on Earth, would that I would be doing if it were?
At the end of the day, you never get to think about the stuff you did people, the words you used for others that might hurt them, possibly for a long time, that might turn them into some psychological monster, that could just rip his/her heart out.
At the end of the day, we are nothing, we are just a brain working properly and a heart beating properly. At the end of the day you never get to think if the person you were talking to was having his/her last moments, would this be something you would tell him/her?
Because you are going to be accounted for every act you do, let me remind you this.
You will be accounted for, so why do you have to ruin yourself for something that is going to harm you anyway, for something that doesn’t have to do anything with having a quality time, why would just destroy yourself, why would you make your parents cry, why couldn’t you just have some quality time other than doing shit to yourself because If you die and you’ll, for sure you will, you are going to be accounted for everything.
At the end of the day, WE ARE NOTHING!

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