Hearts –
There are some times in Life that you wish to have that special someone, that someone that you woke up all night for, just to hear his/her voice.
Hearts come close, they tickle each other and two humans fall in love with each other.
These hearts fight, get sad, get upset and they end up being together in the end.
Hearts that do not understand that they are meant to be broken every time they fall in love with someone, Every time when you feel this is the one that i would do anything for him/her fades away, off it goes into the wind. Never ever comes back.
You try, you fail and you try again and again but you never to get to catch the wind that flew him/her away.
You end up thinking about him/her whenever you plug earphones in your ear and start listening to a song, you end up imaging stuff that could have happened if him/her were only with you, you end up with your heart beating faster and slower with you all the things, all the moments that you imagine, all the laughs and all the sorrows, all the care that you would have given him/her, all the things that you would do for her/him. But in the end you come at a point in your thinking and thoughts where you remind yourself that that person has long gone, the wind that flew him/her away is gone, that took him/her is gone.
You don’t have the power to catch the wind but only can Hope that maybe such kind of wind may come across you and bring that person along with it but Before you know, Alot of winds have come by you but no wind could have the pleasure the fun that had the wind which took off.
Time comes where you feel that you have to get that person no matter what, that you have to do everything that comes in your will in order to get that person back but Once a vase is broken, you cannot put it back together the way it was in the first place.
You are now stuck at a place where you cannot go one step ahead nor one step back, you are stuck at a place where you don’t get to have happiness, where you don’t get to have those moments that you think of.
All you have left is Hope, and such Hope that you could just think that If this person comes back to me my life could be this and that.
All are Life we break hearts, Emotionally, Intentionally, Unintentionally!
All we do is break hearts, from the time where we open our eyes till the time we close them all we do is break hearts.
You might break a heart by mocking someone, you might break a heart by abusing someone, you might break a heart that you thought was funny and it literally has offended someone. For you its fun, for you its funny, for someone else its heart breaking, for you its some seconds of laugh, for someone its a long term psychological problem!

4 thoughts on “Hearts

    1. Thankyou for the compliment Sidamy. More articles to follow, been working on. I dont think Im that good which you stated, i read your posts, for me they are way much better. thankyou. :))

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