Blending in with the world, with the that society reforms us. Either in a bad or in a good way but worse is that you forget who you are, you change your personality, your nature, your everything for the world, for the society, for that someone that you really love, for that someone that you actually want to spend your Life with.
You blend in for the same human that leaves your strangled, alone in a foggy place, the person that leaves you alone while your strive for a single drop of Love, Respect and Loyalty.
But Hey! No one can understand How us humans are.
No one can understand how can we leave a person that has been dependent on you.
We come up with excuses, telling ourselves every sort of thing just to make us comfortable even though we know that what we are doing is wrong and is against everything.
Making a human sad and depress and worst of all making him/her a psychological person for Life is the worse sin that I can think of, its worse then anything you can think. Its worse than any sin you think of is worse!
Amidst all this, We have Regrets. Regrets that never wash away, never fade away!
Always with us like our shadows, running with us, walking with us, be with us like a soul to a body. Living in these regrets damages us.
Tears us apart, worse is that you get to live happily and the person you ruined life of gets to live a life like hell. That person burns with every second her/him breathes, burns with every single thing she/he thinks of and it remind her/him of you! Don’t you think that im right? Don’t you think that is the worst sin of all, that is the biggest sin of all?
Why do we take such decisions that we have regrets about it afterwards?
Why do we live in such a way that we know it is going to hurt anyone else?
Why cant we have just a little love for the people living on the face of this Earth as you are?
Regrets that kill you, Regrets that every time you come up with something take a part of your heart and tears it apart slowly and gradually.
Regrets that no one want to have. Some of us then don’t have regrets at all, some of us stay happy despite hurting the one person that could actually matter.
People come and go, but the ones that truly love you never come back.

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