One day you check out someones profile, and you start to think that she is good, she is good in keeping herself and carrying herself and you kind of get a hint that she might be the one that you have been looking for.
You text her, conversation starts and both of you end up talking to each other all the time. Then a time comes that she is no more there. She is gone. You never know why but she is gone. You cannot just accept it because She was the only one that you were looking forward to. She was better than everyone you had, She was someone that you would skip sleep for, she was someone that you would take your time out just to talk to her, just to hear her voice, just to hear the smooth calm sound hitting your ears and creating a pleasant feeling for you.
She had to go, maybe you weren’t the type of guy that she wanted and needed, maybe you had some cons that she didn’t like at all. But she went! She was gone long long away.
He gets to have girls then, but by GOD no one was like her. He used to see her everywhere, even months had passed by, years had passed by but the memory of his love was still as fresh as it had happened a second ago. He roams around, he hangs out with friends, he does everything that a normal person would do but deep down his world, his fleet of little human emotions have gone dead, they drowned in the fierce sea of sorrow and pain. The little love humans that used to live inside him, died also. He could not feel anything. He was a dead man walking! Every time when his friends talked about their lovers, he would only call her name, he would tell them that you guys are ranting about this and that but by GOD there is no one like her.
HE is destroyed, another year passes by. Another sour year passes by and still he searches for the the same human that he felt so alive with. He goes to everyplace, He tries to look at everyone so that maybe he could get a glance of the same person that he lived for. He wanders around the emptiness of his life, he swims in the ocean of darkness, he searches for light and he finds nothing. People tell him to forget her but by GOD how can you forget a person that has been made so perfect! After he searches everywhere and finally gets to talk to her, he cannot stop his smiling and he doesn’t stop laughing, there is a smile on his face every time he goes out, his life changes all of a sudden, she tells him to move on and he being devastated leaves, he then again searches her everywhere, he regrets his choice of leaving, he regrets the time that he left her because she is now nowhere to be found, she has sailed away, she has sailed away so far that if he gives his whole life trying to be with her, he will die. After another year and a half he looks for her on every social platform, he contacts people maybe they know her but no one knows her. She is a ghost now!
People enjoys the wonders of Life and He enjoys the wonders of emptiness and darkness.
People look forward to being happy and He looks forward to getting depressed.
People fill their lives with different colours and Life has filled him with one black colour. He has lost sight of everything. He doesn’t know what he is doing! He has forgotten what happiness feels like! He loves to be sad more than getting happy!!
HE still lives for her, He still hopes for her and He will always strive for her because She is the key to the door of his life, because He is the canvas and she is the painter, because she is so colourful and he is so dark! because she is so bright that even darkness can’t go near him.
He will always look for her no matter if its in this world or the world after death!!11844803386_9de2e57d5f_o

6 thoughts on “HE

      1. I have been dealing with complex life you could say. Was actually moving again. Well, I cleared 3 manual papers in june. How is your CA going so far?

  1. Brilliantly dark.. I must say, we often chase our aspirations whether in human or non-human form like a wind merely to feel its [temporal] presence on our carnal being to a definite point we fail to embrace it because it only has nominal value from the very beginning.. until we realize the real thing got away.. eternally.. then we force our minds to recollect and find signs of toubles we wished to undo…

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