Cravings of a new life.

Being a kid you always wonder how it is fun to be a grown up, where you don’t have to ask any ones permission for something, where you can go out and be anywhere anytime.
Where all the kids wish to be a grown up one day.
The same kids don’t know what lies beyond the line where you are no more called a kid, where you are no more taken care of, where you are no more given attention, where there is only you and your ambitions, where this only you and your life, where there is a fine line between enjoyment and happiness, where you don’t feel what happiness lies in, where you see nothing, where you have no where to go, where every door that you try to pick is locked, where you have no social life, where you have no satisfaction from what you do, where you bust yourself to something you want to achieve it in the end. This is what a Grown up is.
Years pass by and you grow up, you get mature, you can differentiate between good and bad, between wrong and right, between the worse and the best, a place where you have to look out for yourself, not your parents, not your cousins, not your aunts and uncles, but you! you have to be the one that has to make paths for yourself. you! you have to choose what is right for you and what is wrong! Growing up might look like that you always wanted to be but it’s the certainly Life’s worst medicine to taste!
You have zillions of friends yet no one is worth spending time with.
You have zillions of companies yet Every company has their own affect on you.
You have trillions of reasons to be happy but deep down you still aren’t happy.
You have millions of friends to console you, to be with you, to be mend your broken heart but still no one can mend it like one should.
You are stepping into a new path of Life, a new road that is totally mysterious, there are the bumps and the stones and the rocks and what not, you hit them and you learn from them.
You have responsibilities on your shoulder and every step you take, every move you make you think about the responsibilities that you have and how you are managing them.
You don’t have a girlfriend to talk to, There used to be but now there aren’t.
You used to have everything and now you are losing the taste, the sweetness of the life that you used to enjoy so much so badly. Everything seems faded now, it’s blurry.
You yourself are in a dilemma, you take one step and think the other way, you are in a rush, we all are in a rush!
We are spending our time in stuff that doesn’t suit us, that doesn’t have to be with us. We never spend our time with those people that we actually feel great!
Being a Grown up might have it’s pros and cons but Life that a grownup spends is aliving hell itself!

31 thoughts on “Cravings of a new life.

  1. In a way It’s good. It’s better! It’s a great tactic, suffering gives you experience, gives you an edge but There are some things that needs to be disclosed so that people can know the reason you’re like this. Suppose there’s a mentally ill guy or depressed guy, he talks and laughs with his fellows but inside He is dead. Now his fellows don’t know what is wrong with him and with the fake mask he has put for the outer world, he hurts himself more and more!

  2. Well, then it should be like he cry and release all his frustration at once, whether infront the whole world, or just a single person that he feels comfortable with, but once he’s done, should never ever cry for that same thing again.
    It shouldn’t be like this, that he even tell people and then continue to live like that. If he’s about to live the same way putting a mask of happiness over his sad face, then what’s the need of showing the real face to the world?
    If he’s gonna hurt himself even after showing it to others, then what’s the need of such showing?

      1. Yeah, why not in comments, if it’s a discussion related to this post? Maybe from this convo other readers of this post gets to know more about you. I mean that’s not a problem. Go for it.

      2. Actually there is no one that would want to know about me. P.s I keep myself as a mystery. No one can actually get a clue what is happening inside my mind or my life.

  3. Okay then, Bye nd keep painting sufferings and sorrows through words. πŸ™‚
    But don’t forget to paint your life too. πŸ™‚
    And yeah one last thing, there are many beautiful colours in the world, so don’t choose only black. Try to paint your life with different colours. Take care. ALLAH HAFIZ.

  4. There’s nothing so special related to me, that anyone would like to know about. I’m an open book, whatever comes into my mind, is on my mouth. What I want and what I don’t, is so clear to me and everyone else around me, that there’s nothing anyone can ask me for, or anyone would like to know about me. πŸ™‚

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