Everything in our Life has a purpose, Everything has a reason.
Sometimes we know the purpose and sometimes we don’t.
Sometimes we know the reason and sometimes we don’t.
What an enormous us creatures are. We have the senses.
We have intelligence, We have smartness and still we can’t be perfect morally.
We ruin ourselves in depression, We ruin ourselves in darkness, We ruin ourselves by over thinking.
We don’t find peace anywhere. You try to find peace but you can’t get it.
You search for it every where, you look into every thing but still there is a part of you that Is still left unsatisfied. Still there are portions of your heart that wants more even if you have enough. Still there is portion that supports hatred.
We all are nothing without our senses, we’ll be just animals and still we don’t take a great amount of benefit.
You feel pity for those on the roads lying under the clear sky, You feel pity for those that don’t have a roof above them to sleep peacefully and yet we complain.
You feel pity for those who are happy because they are happy with many reasons and you do have those reasons to be happy but you have drowned yourself in the ocean of this world, you have drowned yourself in the mighty ocean that not just engulfs you but owns you.
The mighty ocean that doesn’t kill you but makes you live with misery.
Every where you go, you see people feeling pain.
You see the pain in their eyes and you wish If you had more to make their misery go away but you can’t. All you can is just watch the world flow, all you can do is watch people go here and there. There is no one to feel anything. Everyone’s busy in their world. There is no one to feel others pain. You feel sorry for yourself because no matter what you do, you end up diving in the same mighty ocean that you have worked so hard to get out of.
If each of us started to help each other, If each of us started feeling each others pain, this world would never be the mighty ocean, this world would be a better place to live

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