goodwp-com_25368Some day you realize, Some day you a thought hits your head, What is this Life?
And you are there with Everything of Nothingness. You have Everything of being Nothing.
You think Why it has to be this way?
Why is it this much painful?
Why doesn’t every remedy work on you?
Why does every one that you get close to eventually go off?
Why do people live with fake hopes?
Why do people smile when they know there is pain?
Why do people laugh when they are dying inside?
Why are we all so fake!
Why do we all run after the same things in Life?
Why do we all chase the one thing that the whole world has been chasing?
Why do we run all our Lives?
There has to be something, There has to be a meaning, There has to be a reason.
Everything in your Life falls apart and then sticks back again. Falls apart again and then sticks back altogether again!! People would argue that this is Life, right? It is Life, It’s of no argue that There are fixing and breaking in Life but Does this have to be every single day?
Does life has to be build you and then demolish you every day?
Does life have to be so cruel?
All your life you run after the one thing that you think might change you, might be good for you, the thing that you think would change your life and you. Some how you get it, you get what you want and you have all the reason to be satisfied but you aren’t!! Is this a matter of our morality or Is it Life this way?
Does it happen to every one or Is it just you?
You get all the reasons to think about what’s and what not’s and in the end you are there standing in your thoughts in a blank space where you can’t see anything, where you don’t find the answers for!
Why don’t we value the things that we run after so much?
Why don’t we care about the stuff that we should be caring about?
Why do we always run after the things that are worse for us?
Why does Life this to you?
After all Life is a dilemma itself. People have various logical thoughts about it and yet nothing satisfies you.
Why don’t we value the things that we are always craved for?
Why do we cry when we lose the things that we wanted when we didn’t respect them in the first place?
Why does life have to be this way?
In a while, you are disturbed mentally, you have multiple different thoughts and you don’t think normally. Society judges you, Society kills you and Society ruins you!
You want a person, you need a person, someone that can talk to you out of it, someone that has the convincing power to convince you but It’s Life.

One thought on “Why?

  1. Mmm! Right.
    “When your WHY is big enough, you’ll find your HOW”.
    If you have a question in your mind, that “WHY” something or everything is wrong in your life. You definitely would want to know that “HOW” to correct it.
    So if you really want your HOW, then make your WHY big enough. 🙂

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