The World that we used to live in isn’t seen the same anymore. The sight that we used to have about the World isn’t the same. Every thing is changing. You are changing.
Your Life isn’t the same any more. In place where you excelled is now the place that reject you. Socializing doesn’t look any thing to you now. Consoling is nothing for you.
All you have now are your own deep thoughts, your own thoughts that drag you down to your grave and hug you. like you found your lost friend and you guys got together after a really long time.
Times that were so great weren’t valued and weren’t respected and were taken as fore granted. And now there is nothing. Your hands are empty and the thoughts are killing you second by second. You search for the one thing that might improve your mental state but that thing just keeps on going away and away and you don’t have a clue whether you’ll have someone or not. You live in times of despair. Everything that you have been watching, seeing, enjoying, chatting means nothing to you. You stand at a place all alone looking at all the wonders of Earth and just tell yourself how peaceful are they. People say “Goes where to wind blows” which people interpret according to their perception but for me it means that you have to move on, you have to let go, you have to fly yourself into the winds direction but that’s not true. You move against the wind, you fight against it and it can’t move you hence Life passes by every moment and that wind strikes you at your face every time, you are just standing there wondering when would the wind change it’s direction and might blow you to a place where you want to be.
You live in times of misery. Every piece that you have accumulated of yourself is again shattered into pieces. There is no one to talk to you out of it, you have your own problems. Problems that you wan to share but not with everyone, Problems that you don’t want to share but can’t resist any more. You are getting Psychotic, You are getting fragile day by day. Every Part of yours is breaking. Every thing has lost its color, Every thing is fading and so is yours life. Your Life is getting Black and White day by day but all you need is one person, one painter, one decorator to color your life back again but Life won’t accept that, The Wind doesn’t agree to that and the ocean that you are swimming in doesn’t let you go.

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