A Time comes where you are different, where you feel different, where you think different. Your realms of destruction starting getting build up again, They are being constructed.
But As they say, Time comes and goes. It goes and everything you have built or is built is destructed again. A dynamite, a time bomb, destructs everything. Shattering everything into pieces, leaving you with small pieces that you gather from your hands and look at it. You either laugh or cry, laugh hard and tears start dripping down from your face.
You are sitting calmly,  you are chilling and out of no where you think about your destructed building, about the time bomb that tore everything apart and shattered you into pieces. You keep silent, you don’t utter a word and you let the Brain do it’s work. What work? Playing the cassettes, CD’s of your memories, of the times where you were happy, where you were chilling, where you were seeing yourself getting constructed but a time bomb, a dynamite tears everything apart. You might laugh but no one knows the silence in you. The silence that has grown up and has engulfed your dynasty, your worth of living. You will be quite, you will be sad.
Staying doesn’t do you any good, Standing at one place doesn’t do you any good. Those cassettes of your memory on repeat doesn’t do you any good. You think Why? Why can’t I reconstruct everything? You asked yourself and you stay quite with no answer. You are blinded, People chill, People with double faces meet you, greet you and respect you but you can’t wonder what everyone is going through. You wonder If one would have problems, you wonder what kind of problems, you ask yourself what can you do? The answer comes out Nothing! In every step, In every first step where you start paving a new path for yourself you start digging, you don’t go forward and take another step but you start digging, digging in other’s life, in your own life and deep down you are lost. Like the vast and deep oceans, you are lost with the Partition made by Time!

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