In the midst of everything, the world going here and there, you moving here and there, breathing and living the time of your Life, you feel lost.
A person that you didn’t value much is gone. A person that you were supposed to make happy doesn’t give you a second chance even If there is something wrong with you.
Person changes into this cold hearted person that you would have never thought would change into, changes into this animal that you once knew as a human, a loving and caring human, a human that would anything to you just for the sake of your happiness and peace.
You are dumb, you are run by the chaos of this world, by the suffering and worries. There is a lot on your mind already and all you need is a person to calm you down, to just make you feel better. but hey! did you already forget you are living in this world? No one will provide you comfort, you don’t accept condolences of others and the one you want to accept, isn’t there. You are lost and you always will be lost! Suffering in the endless thoughts.

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