And I will be gone..

Everyone went but I will be gone.

Mysteries and what not are to be solved, Mysteries of my Life. Happenings, Repeated Happenings are to be predicted over and over again. Everyone goes but someday I will be gone. Hanging to the rope, rope of hope, hanging by a thread, a thread of life, hanging by a swing that swils back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Telling you It will end someday.
These maniacs, these people, these people going everywhere, don’t know a single about a Maniac, about what a Social Maniac is. Everyone think they are caring but They aren’t.
Even your cry for help isn’t entertained, Even your call for sympathy isn’t answered.
You fall in love in a second and the World wonders, “How does that happen?” “You are bluffing” and an enormous amount of other statements yet They don’t realise, they don’t understand the struggle this Social Maniac is making. They don’t understand at all.
They think they understand but behind the curtain, It’s nothing but just a stage drama. A drama to show you, to tell you that hey, no matter what we are here and we will be there for you but in fact it’s nothing more than a stage drama.
Everyone, Every single person, well who am i kidding, eight out of ten people have found the loves of their lives and If not that, they have found the ones that they love, even for the time being. They are happy, everyone’s happy and you are here just wandering around the streets of your Brain, trying to workout which streets leads to where, which roads leads to where, why is this road destructed, why did that happen, how did that happen, when did that happen and there are no answers. Yes, there is one answer and that is YOU!!
You just end up pointing at your own self, you are the devil for yourself, you are the demon of your own self, you are the destroyer.
Everybody goes that you get close to but hey, what they don’t know is, I will be gone… someday one day! And that would be the day they all will know what was i, who was i and how was i!!!

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