Someone that I once knew.

Life is pretty unpredictable. You can’t predict the next second, you can’t be sure If you will be breathing the next second or not and so this way we pass our lives. Some may live this unpredictable life by laughing and by having a great time or by not letting grief and fear come close to them while the others may live their lives in a different way. They dwell in the darkness, they love the sound darkness makes to them when darkness talks to them and so they love fear and grief. They live for it.

Somewhere in between, doesn’t matter whichever type said above you are, you lose yourself. You lose the real you. You question the nature, nature of the world, nature of the earth, nature of the winds, nature of everything and there is no answer for you to get. None of the natural elements in the world answer you and you wander the streets, the roads and you observe every little object, trying and searching for the answers that you are seeking. Answers about yourself, answers about your inner self, answers about your soul, answers about the working of the world, answers about everything.
There once used to be a time where you could connect everything, you could tell why something happened, you were being able to connect the dots of the nature and now, when you look into yourself, into your soul, you don’t see anything, all you see is Darkness. All of those years, the people that used to stay in the dark, darkness got ahold of them now and now when they look into themselves, they don’t see anything. They get scared and they think where is the place where there used to be some light, some light that could guide them, a light that led to the place where you wanted to be but now It really seems like the flame, the light that used to be your support, is gone now. And now, It’s pretty hard to bring that light, that flame back. And you wish If you had never left the flame, the light.
Life is something unique, everyone’s life is unique. Everyone have a different, a unique, a mesmerising story to tell, everyone have sufferend, everyone have enjoyed happiness but There was someone that i used to know once. The flame, the light that wasn’t just some ordinary flame, that wasn’t just some ordinary light, that was me. That was the inner me. The inner me used to guide me, used to support me, used to motivate me, used to scold me and I used to listen to my inner self but now the inner self of those people is gone now. They look down and they don’t see anyone. There was someone that i once used to know and now It has gone, the inner me, the great inner me is gone now. All i see now are Black and White Pictures. Life with motion, people here and there are Black to them now.
Once a human goes, dies, there is no coming back and so once the Inner me of someone dies, there is no coming back for him too!

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