We are all insane, either we are insane in a good way or a bad way, either we take that insanity to a certain level that benefits us or it pollutes us. Insane to a point where you continuously break the walls of your insanity, want to free yourself but you then come to know that you are chained and there is nothing that you can do. You move, you try harder and harder and harder but nothing goes in your favor, all you do is just try and try. At the end, you are still the same person that has the same insanity which either benefited you or destroyed you, which either is making you or breaking you.
We all take insanity to a certain level in everything we do, either If it’s our love life, education or studies, time wastage, ruining yourself mentally or physically or you can do everything that is opposite to what is stated above. The point I’m delivering to you all is that We are all insane. Sometimes when you believe and trust that you are improving, heading towards the path of being sane, something troubles you and brings you back to your old place that you have been chained to for a very long time.
Some of us try to balance our insanity, it’s not bad to being insane when you know what you are insane for is good for you and for others around you. This is a different dimension, a different world where you don’t see what is normal, where you see what and where is something abnormal. A different world where you try to cure the different mental diseases that are spread by the societies of different places, mentalities of different places, each of us trying to either transform from being insane to sane or from sane to insane.
Either you are sane or insane, as long as you are heading on the right path, it’s okay to be any.
People when are confronted with insanity, they take it as a negative aspect of something, what they don’t know is that they can take that insanity and channel it into something that can make you an abstract Hulk, Hulk of today’s world, only you will the Hulk in your mind, only you won’t be destroying yourself you will be helping yourself, helping others.
This world is already a messed up place so why can’t we be better with being insane of a different kind, a different human that has a different insanity, the insanity that helps people, the insanity that tries to make people feel better, the insanity that can win you the world.
Be Insane but on a right path!

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