Our minds they are something amazing, no? We can do the impossibles, the not being able to be done and what not and It’s pretty much amazing. Not only that our minds they are magic, they are wizards. They are magicians that have the ability to create new magics in any manner. Our minds are a true blessing when you look at them in a certain way.
But here is the catch, our minds are destroyers as well. yes, they are, you might not know this but some day you’ll understand that they do destroy us. It takes the colors of our life, making life colorless. It takes the sweetness of our Life, making it bitter.
It takes all the wonderful and happy memories and turns them into sorrow. But why and how does this happen?
Everyone in this world has an equal right to be heard, to be listened to, to be loved and to be happy, most of all. Everyone deserves to be happy but why one that has everything to be happy for isn’t happy? Why one that has everything he or she can cherish wants to be alone and wants no one to disturb him or her. Why? That’s a big question.
We live a great life, We experience and feel great memories and moments, we love them, we love to be happy but If you live in dark for too long, your soul gets dark. If your soul gets too dark, there’s no chance it’ll get any other color, it’ll always be dark, absorbing every possible try of getting to be happy. But then you might be wondering, I started to talk about Minds and now I’m talking about souls being dark? I’ll tell you, our minds and our dark lives have a deep connection. They are like the lost brothers but only both of them meet to make you darker, they meet when they realize that you have a chance of being happy, they make sure that that chance is dissolved among the water ruins of your dark memories. You see, living too long in the dark makes your mind dark as well. Your mind at first is colorful, he is filled with different colors, with different memories but one color “darkness” takes them all. He’s the evil that turns you into a devil. He’s the plague that turns you into a monster so why allow darkness enter in our minds in the first place? Hmm, that’s a nice question. Here’s the answer, we don’t open our doors to darkness, we have already darkness in our minds, it’s just we have locked it deep inside in a chamber of our minds and it can’t be opened by anything but only by you. So, you are the key and the chamber as well. You are the basket and the apples but you get to decide if you want to eat the apples (opening the darkness chamber) or leave them as they are. Why do we open? Well, in our Life we come across many experiences, many things and what not and they affect us, they affect us equally. Among these feelings is a feeling or an experience where we are vulnerable the most and that is the time where we open the chamber, that is where we eat the apples.
So, yeah, the point to be summarised will be that no matter whatever happens in your life or how many hardships you go through, don’t go too deep that you then can’t swim back, don’t go too deep to open the chamber because once opened, there’ll be nothing but destruction. Destruction of your own being and of others!

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