You feel sorry for yourself for what you are, for the kind of being you are, for the kind of being you have turned out to be. Even when you try a lot to be better, to make others around you better, there’s always going to be someone to take down in the Pit, you know you’ll never win but you still fight. Despite the certification by given to you of a Loser by Life, you still fight, wanting to win, wanting to tell people that what they think is wrong, to tell them that you aren’t okay.
But doing all that goes all in vain, we all are sick minded judgemental people with our minds working 24/7 judging people. People that aren’t mentally stable look for asylums in others but they the asylums aren’t granted. They fill their application with great care but still they are denied. Is it the fault of those mentally unstable people that are denied everything? Denied by the society, denied by everything. The only true solace they have is the virtual world and a time comes that they are denied from that too.

Well, actually it’s nothing, you are just blindfolded by Life and you never know when is he going to take the fold off, when is he going to let you see everything positively. Your mind runs with these thoughts that you don’t want to encounter, that you don’t want to touch because if you do you know they’ll make you turn into a monster. Not only fighting within the self, does you enough damage, the people outside make sure unconsciously that you get more damage. So, it’s like a battle between two worlds, the world within you and the world outside of you.  All the times and moments that you live, you are constantly battling, trying to defeat your foes within your mind but for how long are you going to do that? You need help from the outside world. You need someone to take that fold away and make you see the World isn’t some piece of junk that you see, it’s a truly great place. But you know, this someone never arrives, you left there all alone in your own battlefield which is why I take the mentally unstable people the most courageous and the brave people there ever are. They go through the things that the normal beings wouldn’t go near to, they suffer so much that their souls are deprived of everything, they are these thirsty souls that want to quench a little drop of happiness, that want someone to color their lives because for how long are you going to Blindfolded, for how long do you need to be colorless.

Among the battles that you fight, there are many other battles too, your social battles, your other battles, the responsibilities and what not and It amazes me to see that the People that have suffered the most overcome these, I mean a totally normal functioning brain can never think of the suffering that these people have to go through. Without any support from the outside from other people, they have allies in their own side that fight the battles for them, without them those people are just dead human bodies that only breathe to survive. The Point is, no matter who you are, no matter where you are and no matter how your brain works or your sarcasms or the way you speak, you have to remind yourself everytime that a single foul word from your mouth can ruin ones life for good, you might then be enjoying in the world outside but for the other person, you just destroyed his universe. You didnt take the fold away, but you took his or hers eyes, making her or him completely blind. I guess if those person that can wreck or ruin other lives have no guilts then i wouldn’t regard them as humans at all, they are just animals with the skeleton of Humans.

Mentally unstable most of the time seek other people for support, for help and you deny them that support and help, not because of what you think about, not because of your brain, but because of the little soul that you have. One may think that this life is made to have fun, and to be with friends and to have gossips while they forget that one sarcasm, one foul world can undo all the progress that the mentally unstable person would have made by fighting and battling. Would you want that? I can guess that your answer would be know.
So, All i want for my readers is that, No matter if you are with your friends or with strangers, Do think twice before you say anything to them because they already are blindfolded, your words might just squeeze their eyes and make them blind.

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