With every day you live, with the every second of every day that pinches you for what you are, for how you are and what you will, can not be ignored. Broken hearts not only by Love but by the Life often take much more time than you expect but If you see the beautiful picture behind it, you won’t be broken anymore. You see, seeing the picture is the basic problem we all have. We all are analysts of our own lives, there’s no better analyst than we ourselves and still we evaluate ourselves so low and so deep that light cant reaches the depth of it. You dig your grave so deep that you have no clue, no idea that you haven’t planned for the back way up. Hence, you are buried in your own open grave, where you are so deep that your calls and shouts for help can’t be heard, where darkness has blinded you so much that you can’t have a vision anymore. The problems, the worries, the guilts and what not that you already have on your plate isn’t finished yet that Life puts more into it and you think how am I going to deal with all this? You wonder If you really have the strength to overcome all this. Hence, you go into the deep thinking about How you started on thinking about digging your own grave and that too this deep.

See, you become your own Sherlock Holmes, you observe and analyse every little thing that has pushed to your very core condition, you analyse what made you do all this. You feel sorry for every decision that you took, you feel sorry for every little thing that makes you miserable right now.
During the day you might have many possible faces, many smiling faces, many different faces but when you turn off the light of your room and there’s all darkness, there’s just the real you and your imaginations. You are then the real Sherlock Holmes. Don’t get me wrong, you still are in that very own grave that you dug, you still are imprisoned but now you actually wonder what kind of monster have you become.

The monster that you have been sitting idle in your grave, the monster that you have been when your calls for help were ignored, the monster that you have become when no one is there or was there to make sure that you are alright. Your head trembles with doing all this thinking, you fantasize about things, you either live happily in your fantasy or is the saddest person there ever was or will be.
You don’t realise that even tho you are a self-made monster, you also can be a self-made something else, something better, something positive. What you don’t realise is that instead of thinking so wrong and so deep and so negative, you can actually think Positively, you can actually resurface. What you don’t realise is that even though you are in the grave, you actually have a way out, what you don’t realise is that you can turn that monster into a more strong monster that’s beneficial for you. What you don’t realise that your path for Recovery is already complete, you already have travelled.
You just need a closure!

You need to understand that there was no one with you in your darkest hours. You need to understand that you lived alone in the dark when there was light all around you, you need to understand that you are a Hulk of your own because living all alone under all those circumstances is an achievement of its own. You need to understand that you have gone through, what you have overcome is no less of an achievement too. You need to understand that at any point you have recovered and you can put an end to it anytime you want to. You were already on the Road to the Recovery, you just needed to know!
You are a Hulk of your own. You are a Hero!

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