People say…

People say there’s solace to every damage. They say there’s peace to every war, they say there’s happiness, satisfaction to every discomfort, they say there’s comfort. Well, they are right in a way, yes you do find solace, you do find happiness, you do get happiness and you do get comfort but Do they tell you for how long? Can they tell you for how long? Can they tell you How is it going to be? Can they tell you how much time would you have to wait? Nope. Plain No. They can’t. To everyone else, all those lines and those words are just words or just fiction. You do find all those but they are, for the time being, they are for some days, for some time and then Life happens to you again.

Life is the Kung Fu Master that tells you every now and then that he isn’t going to let you be in Peace, every time you think you are paving the way for happiness, he fly kicks you right in your face. Right in your face. There you are on the ground, just lying there and cursing Life for what it did to you again. Life is your antagonist. He is the thing between your struggle for happiness and happiness. He is the only exam you cant pass. No matter, how hard you struggle, it fails you right away. Doesn’t even examine your answer sheet, haha, just looks at it throws it away there, that’s your struggle.
The best part you get to have broken too, break from everything, break from your struggles and everything, and it’s the moment when you realize that okay, I might have passed the exam but no, don’t even think about that. Life, the master of the Kung Fu, comes again at you, and kicks you down the ground, tells you that’s where you deserve to be.
Yes, Deserve to be.


Just life everyone seeks Peac travels the wild, you travel too but only for solutions in your mind. You do find the solutions but you are too complexed by then that you can’t see the worth of those solutions and hence you ignore them.
If you only you could see what those solutions can do for you, you would never have to travel and search for solutions. Your mind is the only solution. Your mind is the only enigma that you have to solve. If you solve that, boom, you have the solution and you are happy with what you have. You might now be thinking, “That’s the whole thing. We know that, pfft. Who doesn’t and much much more” but have you thought that you might have solved the only problem of your Brain but you didn’t pay attention to it, have it occurred to you have Life gave you so many escape routes but you never paid attention just because you were busy in building other complexities in your Life and hence in your Brain.
You will never find Solace until your find Solace in your ownself, you will never find solace unitl you have accepted your scars, your flaws. Only then you are able to do whatever you want to.

Life is different for everyone, some cherish every second they have, some curse every second they have, some live luxuriously, some live poorly, some think of the life you have, some get tired of the life they have. It’s pretty much the same for everyone but we don’t realize that the second passed right now is a second gone. The second passed, the minutes taken right now are taken forever, they are never coming back. So, if we fight to make ourselves better, we’ll never be better mentally but If we accept how things are and If we want to take a step forward with the way we are then that we can call Progressing. This Life is too short to focus on how to make ourselves better, you really should focus on that if you think so but when you realize that you have reached a point where you can’t progress more and that’s enough for you then that’s where you need to accept everything and move forward. That’s the point where you challenge and tell him to come at you because the time where you were progressing and making yourself better was actually you transforming into something big.

Many people think of quitting, many people think Life isn’t fair. To be honest, it never is for anyone. People think there’s no solace, yes there’s no solace where there’s a constant war going on. Once you halt your war, you are in solace but you might questioning that we know halting is the solution to every problem but how do we do that? How? That’s the inevitable question that we cant answer to. Well, guess what, let me tell you that you already have the answer. You need to look into your mind for it. You need to search for it, and trust me, it’s right on the surface, you’ll see it clearly that there’s the shining answer and then my friend, you can pave your way to whatever you want. Do remember, quitting never is an option. Beautiful sceneries always have the toughest routes to pass. J



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