Redemption from Life.

On a cold, rainy night, with the rain droplets producing their unique and mystic sound when they hit the ground, when they hit the car’s rooftop, you wonder what Life has done to you, How life has been to you. In a moment, you are this cherishing human to this numb human which has a unique downsized feeling that you can’t tell. All the great achievements that Life has just to make you feel low, are right in front of you. All of the trophies Life won in making you feel miserable are there right in front of you showcased. You, in your imaginary mind, grab those trophies one by one, you look at their bases and gig with yourself over the fact that you overcame those hurdles Life put out for you, those problems and those times of stiffness where breath grew narrow on you, where mind shut its doors on you. You were out there getting shivering with the happenings of what Life did and wondering what’s next, wondering how are you going to cope with it.

Comes an unusual person that pats you on your shoulder and tells you it’s all going to be fine. You look back and you recognise that person as Time. Time is there for you all the time. In your sickness and in your Health, making sure that in your fight with the unwanted happenings of your Life, you don’t fall down and give up. Time says, “It’s alright, you’ll overcome it, I’ll guide you. I’ll tell you, not to worry”. With your mind being frozen, trying to unfreeze itself and think for a solution, Time is there doing that work for you. Time says all you need to do is Wait because He heals everything. There’s nothing that Time can’t heal. Life standing there Laughs at both us at the moment, telling Time, it’s never going to happen. Telling time, he’s going to come back harsher than before. But Time says, not to worry again cause he’ll be there for as long as you are alive. There’s your first consolation. At the time, you feel like, it’s all glitters but it’s actually not.
You are there, still picking up one trophy after another, with Time telling you how you ever at those times and how you overcame them. How you managed to get out of those stiff and huge walls, you are shocked and surprised that Time was right. And so, as you look back again, Time vanishes.
But here’s the catch, Life always isn’t the bad guy, sometimes it’s Life too. Bad timing, Bad luck and what not are related to Time. So, sometimes it’s Time against you, sometimes it’s Life against you. What’s the benefit for us? The benefit is that either way there’s always this one person that always have your back. Either its Life or Time, they are going to be there, making sure you don’t get yourself in Trouble. And even if you do get in trouble, There’s always some other guy to make you feel better.

In times like those, you can’t trust people to make you feel better because People can’t give what you want, People can’t tell you the right path to go on to, but Here’s the catch again, someday sometimes, you do meet someone that takes you out of that Pitfall, takes you out of that well, or it could be the vice versa. That one person with its magical touch turns your Life into absolute bliss. You feel what you hadn’t felt before, you are there reminiscing the old you, how you used to be and how your Life took some uncertain turns and changed the complete course for you. But that’s not how the Law of Nature works. There’s always and always someone that can make you feel better, there’s always someone that wants to live and cherish the Life that you already have, there’s always someone that has had huge and many problems like you and still Laughs, know why? Because they have known the secret in defeating Life, the secret in How to overcome everything that you think isn’t good or is going to make you worse. So, in a way, Life can be uncertain and cruel but at the same time, He’s there for you when Time’s making sure that there’s no one for you.

When the oceans of your Life has gotten to a new deep level, the kind of level where light can’t touch the seabed, someone with a charm enters your Life, that’s then upon us, if we let them wander under the oceans or not but the opportunity of being happy is always there, we just need to realise it. Sadly, most of us don’t realise that there is someone that can make us happy and when we do the person isn’t there anymore. Or Life has been so cruel to you that you know, this specific person is going to go, Hence either you live the moments or the seconds without caring about anything, without giving the shit about anything or you can ruin those same moments about thinking and analysing the Then rather than Now. But anyhow, Time passes by either of you enjoying those moments and cherishing them or making them worse by thinking about the Then in those moments. Point is, Time flies by anyway, It doesn’t stop for anyone. So, instead of crying for what Life did, why can’t we just be at the helm of our lives and for once say that everything’s going to happen what I want to be. That from now on, no power on Earth can make me sad or upset or depressed.

You see, every one of us have our own problems, in a different capacity, in different magnitudes, in different directions, some of us lose hope, some of us give up, while the other of us make sure that we fight till our last and final breath. In that fighting, you win and you lose, that’s the beauty of Life. You sometimes end as a warrior or a martyr. If you look at it, both of them have a unique taste.

The rain’s still there, droplets hitting the ground, making its own sound, you are lost in thought with the rhythms of it and you realise that Yeah, I overcame that, I overcame that. Doesn’t matter how, doesn’t matter How I am now but I overcame that and that’s, Trust me, a lot. Life isn’t always fair, It never is but It’s over responsibility and our duty to ourselves to make it better, How so ever. It’s a liability to our own selves that no matter What we were tested with, we passed with flying colours. We passed with topping the test. Life knows that this guy, this girl, is a warrior. He or she is never going to back down and that’s when you have proven your worth. That’s when Life knows, Alright I’m done testing him or her. He’s good to go.
Life is a teacher, Time is your classmate. Time is your best friend. Along with time comes Darkness, along with Darkness come a lot more persons that you need to go with a flow. If you let any of it imbalance, you have of more chances of stumbling down and falling, even if you have kept them imbalance, anytime if you realise that’s not, not anymore, there, everything gets back to balancing. Life isn’t the same for anyone. It really isn’t but How we cope with it is what makes us special.

If the person that with his or her magic touch, brought you back to colours, brought you back to you cherishing Life, should never be let go but even If they do, Have faith that something good, something better is going to happen and right here, you hold Time. You tell Time, you, my friend have to take to that moment. Time replies, Not to worry my great pal, I’ll take you.

You then put those Trophies back and tell Life that he can come up with anything, I’ll always be there fight it!

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