Salvaging what’s left.

Seeing the world as it dances to its own rhythm, observing thousands of people through the days, weeks and months, you do get and accept one thing, which pretty much is obvious, everyone is dancing to their own rhythm. Dancing happily with their hearts open to everything, that accepts everything and absorbs everything, little does it gets affected by the worries this world gives to you. Some dance numbly, sadly. Mourning for their existence, mourning the burden they are acquainted with, while this burden isn’t accustomed to anyone else, there is no one else that can fight it for you so you are the only one who’s left to fight those devils. Devils that are so heavy that you are unable to carry them as you dance to your own rhythm like the others. There’s something magnificent of the people dancing, you either resent their dances or you absorb them, hence either it digs your grave in your mind a little deeper or it gives you a fresh air of hope for some time, a little time. Either way, you allow yourself to be manipulated by others that are around you. All of those events happening outside your circle, events happening in other circles have nothing to do with you, most of them and yet you allow them to affect you. What happens now? Well, you had a shitload of a burden on yourself already and you just bought more, and then? you go on buying more and more and more until you no longer can carry and realize there’s something to be done and you start changing yourself but the damage is done.

Your soul, your mind is a machinery. It works all the time, it needs rest to cool things down and it needs the stuff to run smoothly. The matter with people that are struggling is that they never rest, they don’t get the stuff to make their minds run smooth. They are exhausted all the time. The shift in the social circles of this world have these criteria where many won’t accept you because everyone has perceived to be happy which in a way is totally wrong and for many, it works perfectly while people that are struggling they are salvaging what’s left of them. Every step, every day, they move forward without making progress, for many they step backward. Why? the world and its people are moving forward, making progress, while people like them are fighting their own demons, how can they progress when they haven’t won their battles? when their scars aren’t healed, when their emotions are in line, when their mind is fixated on making themselves better? The world needs to have a keen eye and an ear for people that are struggling, although everyone’s selfish when it comes to helping someone, I’d say everyone should take a moment from their lives and listen to the person who’s right now salvaging himself or herself. For you, it might be easy with your easy going life, with the happy things you have got but for others that are struggling, everyone that is provided with means nothing, what they really want and need from you is something, a little chunk of something that can push them into the right direction.

Every day you get up, you know you are screwed, except for a few times where you do feel better. Every time you look in the mirror, with the scary haircut, with the fat belly, with the scars on your arm, you hate yourself, you disgust yourself. For me, those are pretty than a sexy woman. Why? Because with all the flaws a person may have, that person whos’s looking at the mirror is happy with his or her flaws and more than that they learned to fight at a young age, they learned how to deal with stuff while others that are surfing on the happy vibes would have to fight later. They’d be then trained then and by then you’d be a General, people asking you for bits of advice. The world wouldn’t be so cruel then and you wouldn’t be so cruel either. You salvaged yourself, you brought yourself into one piece. The moment you take a step outside your place, you know things are better, you feel everything heading in the right direction, the times of darkness have long gone. They are faded, the times of happiness are here or are going to be here soon.
The point is if you don’t salvage what’s left of you, you might let go of a great chance to be a better human than the others. Understanding others emotions is a great deal and many don’t know, as of now, no one gives a shit about you, why? because they haven’t felt the emotions that you fought. It’s like they are in the kindergarten while you are submitting your thesis for the Ph.D. That’s how much of a difference there is. Now, a question, would you let go of yourself if you could see how much the better person you are or while you going on a stroll and you see your replica but the replica is a better version of yours, a happier version, wouldn’t you accept him or her? My bet: you would. And that’s what you get when you salvage yourself, that’s what you get when you take your thoughts, assemble them and write them off one by one. That’s salvaging, that’s progress.

There’s a great zeal that others won’t get in fixing yourself, in making yourself more better and better and better. But if you are reading this, you’d be thinking, what a crap.
How do  I make myself better? Simple. ACCEPT THE WAY YOU ARE!!!!
Don’t fight your demons, don’t fight your thoughts if you haven’t accepted your condition, the way you are, if you haven’t accepted how damaged you are, if you perceive yourself to be happy with others and at the same time you haven’t realised what you really are, its like wearing torn clothes and imaging yourself like you are wearing a tuxedo. Things never happen like that, they never do. You need to ACCEPT the way you are and then you are ready to SALVAGE yourself, then you are ready to build yourself again. ACCEPT that you are sad, ACCEPT that you are depressed, ACCEPT that you need to get better physically. Once you are done with the acceptance, the next step? Think, what do I have to do to solve it? Say, you are skinny. ACCEPT that you are skinny. Once you convince your mind, the next step, is what are you going to do if you want to be muscular? Hit the Gym? yes! So, i’ll start going to the gym, the next day or the other day. But I will for sure. THAT IS HOW YOU SALVAGE YOURSELF. THAT IS HOW YOU DO IT!
Get on with it and MAKE YOURSELF BETTER!!tumblr_mcbll2xWbi1rwq9jho1_500tumblr_mcbll2xWbi1rwq9jho1_500

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