maxresdefaultSometimes your decisions that you think are beneficial for you turn out to be the ones that may destroy all the struggles you did on yourself, all the times of stress that you overcame, everything that you did to be better is no longer yours, no longer in your will. There are parasites that live outside your mind and inside your mind. For years and years, for months and months, you live to fight these parasites. Nothing works for you, not anything. You reach out to everything that you think will make you better but they don’t work out as well because of the parasites that live in and outside your mind. You can not kill the parasites in your mind unless you kill the ones outside. There are then times where you think there were some things that you felt blessed for, but Time and Life are two amazing worlds that combine and tell you that alright the things that you wished well aren’t exactly well for you. The matters, the stuff, the people that you thought would stay by, be loyal, understand you and be by your side when the Times are tough, aren’t there are anymore. There you are, sitting empty handed with the parasites in and out, laughing at you, laughing at your struggles and your loss. The things, the relationships, the friendships that you thought matters don’t matter anymore, you curse their existence and their voice is nothing less of a sharp knife stabbing you in and out. Times that you once felt so contained and brave have now turned you into weak and numb. There is no medicine, nothing that can cure this, there is just one killing, the killing of those parasites outside your mind, in the environment, in the people. Cut off your ties, run away from them if you will. There is now no one, just you and your mind and your life, wondering how damaging it is, wondering how much you lost, wondering everything that you did to stay is taken away by the ones that are Toxic. You don’t understand what to do. There are difficulties where you can get out of, sort out solutions but you can’t now. You are just you, lying there numbly, wondering what to do next. There is a silver lining but the lining itself is so far away that till the time it comes you might be way more destroyed than you are now. Your perceptions, your valor, everything goes down the drain and for what? For nothing. The world lives, people live but who dies inside? You. You think you matter to people, those people that you thought would stay by you, but they don’t. You measured them wrong, your benchmark was nothing but short of everything. The world revolves, people revolve and your head follows the same circle that It had been following without a way out.

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