You never know when would this enduring pain would end, when would this beast called Life would stop picking on you. One moment, a second you are all happy, cherishing the best out of your life, the second moment you feel like the whole world has turned upside down. Feelings of despair you have, you can not outrun them, you can not beat them. You can follow them just like a child follows their parents, you can not leave them because they are a part of you, It is your family. You get a nice sleep, you Wake up, you feel life’s good, it might be better today, I might feel good today but two breathes into the day you get the feeling Nah, it’s going to be the all over like yesterday, all of the same. The worst point there’s no change in the routines of the bad guy aka Life that picks on you everyday. The worst part is when the bad guy has no sympathies for you. When you are bullied this much, when you are sick this much, this brain of yours, this mind of yours that we all love for doing its work, gets malfunctioned. To the world outside, you seem to be in heavens, cherishing every single moment. To the world outside, you might a devil or an angel, judging you are happy. With this malfunctioned mind, you seek for answers, for comfort just like a drowning man would seek to a get breathes, just like the drowning would call to be saved. This drowning, this man is the one whose minds are malfunctioned.
You try to ask for help, different ways, indirectly but no ones has endured anything like you have so they don’t get what you actually are trying to say or what story those deep eyes are telling or what are they trying to tell you. No one knows that, no one and the ones that have been through alot they ask you right away what’s wrong dude and you know here’s a gem that cares. Call for help goes unanswered, everyone’s busy in their lives, everyone mendles with others but here you are sickled to death, trying to seek help, trying to be better.

When you go out, when you try to go anywhere just to be better, just to get some fresh air so that it freshens your mind, every dirt in your mind comes right infront you. I wonder how do people are freshed when they go for a hike, when they go out for camping. Sick minds never get freshed, they never get better.
The problem here isn’t that you are sick, the problem isn’t that you don’t fit in, the problem is to be judged wrongly, the problem is to be perceived for what you aren’t. The problem is wanting to be understood by someone. The problem is not to be picked by everyone. The problem is being a centre of jokes for everyone. The problem is the damn society. Society that ruins you, shatters you. There will come a time where you give up, when you can’t handle it, at that point people are going to realise oh, i wish i had done something by then, oh if he or she said that she meant this and that but Nah, again, your ego, your nature, your perceptions, the way you perceive the mental minds make you take a distance from them. All they need from you is something that they feel can make them right but who wants to go near to a sick mind. They say a Sick mind makes you sick and a healthy mind makes you healthy. So yeah, People that have been through alot, that are more sensitive, that are prone to get injured than you don’t deserve anything. Don’t deserve the laughs, the fun that you all have. All they need is to be understood, is to be heard but Nah, this world, everyone of us are so tangled in minding our ownselves that caring for others or everyone thinking about them makes us vomit. That’s the bitter reality, the most we do is just tell ourselves, eh that’s bad i wish it didnt happen to him or her. That’s it, just a fragment of sympathy they get, nothing else.

You can’t know if ones damaged, you can’t know what ones going through, so maybe a an attempt of being understood refused by you may can have a major impact on their minds. They are like butterflies, if you care for them they’ll land and sit on your hand but if you don’t they’ll fly. They are butterflies, trust me they are.
Those sick minds that run away from, they know how to love, they know how to care and the best of all is that they know how you feel, how exactly you feel. That is why damaged people are the best advice givers, that is why you are more comfortable on hanging around with a damaged mind, it’s even more fun when one damaged meets another damaged. And on top of all, you’ll be getting experience that you’ll have without enduring anything that the damaged people have gone through.
Maybe, sick minds, damaged people, mentally sick people deserve to be cared and loved too because they aren’t what you think and they’ll never be what you think.

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