When you want to stay alive but you don’t want to, but you can’t. When you to keep everything on hold but you can’t. When you are screwed over and over and over again by Life, you get to think why is this all happening to me? When you see other people outside being happy in the moment, you think why cant that be me? When you see everything being in the right place for everyone, you think why isn’t for me?

Basically, you are completely okay, everything happening around or with can be normal or might be insignificant but your mind, your brain is the real villain here. He’s the bad guy here, he’s the bad boy, he’s the person that we are always told to stay from. For many, this brain would be blessing but for many because of Life and the way it is, brain becomes the bad guy. Well, what happens next is, you dont get to be appreciated, you are dejected, you are demoralised, you seek places to find solace, you go to places to find a little bit of peace in mind but nah, too bad, you dont get any anywhere. even if you get to the highest point in the world, and theres nothing to distract you, there would be the sick thing you called brain to destroy you.

People that are damaged and sick, are the most brave people. Why? You have to just live your life and balance each everything while sick people have to balance two worlds. Their mind works in two worlds. You need to balance both of them. A second, you are in one and in another second, you’re in the other. You never know what’s wrong with you, you never know if you’ll ever be someone that can be sane but what you do is grasp to Hope. Yeah? They say Hope is Life. Well, It might be for you but the ones that arent well mentally, not for them.

The sick minds, they wander, they seek and look, they seek shelter, they want to live but cant live. They are dead, They always will be dead, until They are actually dead.
Being dead mentally is all they live. People cherishing their lives is cherishing for them. They have nothing to settle for themselves so they try to settle others. They are dead inside but they don’t want others to be dead. You see, Sane people just live their lives, in any way they try to be happy. Well, the sick brains need an escape from any life they can have, let it be social life, let it be relationships, let it be any damn thing, sick minds don’t know what to do except to just outcast them, except to run away from them. But heres the catch and it is pretty funny, these lives that you live, you cant actually outcast, outrun them, turns out they are your shadows so until your soul haven’t fled the world, these things are going to be with you until you are gone.

Maybe, you don’t know but your friend might be highly unstable and he might have come to you so that for some time he could take this mind off of it, but what you don’t care about is your friend. Despite of him being anything, you are still going to be the same person that you always are, the same person that makes sure, your mentally ill friend feels devastated and destroyed, you make sure that your pal when goes home curses his mind for being the way it is because sweetheart, damaged minds will never ever be comfortable in a company of sane people. You’ll be lucky if you do find you but if you don’t, being alone is the best remedy.
People need to realise that theres much more life than having fun, people need to realise that theres a lot more to that, there isn’t just that, Sick minds and Damaged minds do need to have fun but they cant pretend anymore that everything is alright. They can’t pretend to be the centre of everything. Maybe, you need to approach them a little differently, maybe you might need to do something that you don’t always do or rarely do, for them. You might need to cross the boundaries for them, you might need to go over the obstacles of your ego, because if you do that, Sick and damaged people are the best people you can keep. They can adapt and they can support cause they know exactly how you feel.
They are dead inside anyway, you might as well try and resurrect a dead soul.

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