Sometimes your decisions that you think are beneficial for you turn out to be the ones that may destroy all the struggles you did on yourself, all the times of stress that you overcame, everything that you did to be better is no longer yours, no longer in your will. There are parasites that live […]

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Salvaging what’s left.

Seeing the world as it dances to its own rhythm, observing thousands of people through the days, weeks and months, you do get and accept one thing, which pretty much is obvious, everyone is dancing to their own rhythm. Dancing happily with their hearts open to everything, that accepts everything and absorbs everything, little does […]

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Everything is Black.

With your thoughts making you numb, with the music making you paralyzed, with the mind running places, forcing you recall memories, all of these and much more combined turn you into a dead body, a dead soul, a soul that just turns numb and seeks help, help from someone, from anyone, someone that would enter […]

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With slightly no one to understand you, with everyone running on the paths of their own lives, there’s a little capacity for those that want to repair their damaged brain. With the people around you, in touch with you, close to you, those that mean a lot to you —– taking steps forwards and leaving […]

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Redemption from Life.

On a cold, rainy night, with the rain droplets producing their unique and mystic sound when they hit the ground, when they hit the car’s rooftop, you wonder what Life has done to you, How life has been to you. In a moment, you are this cherishing human to this numb human which has a […]

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People say…

People say there’s solace to every damage. They say there’s peace to every war, they say there’s happiness, satisfaction to every discomfort, they say there’s comfort. Well, they are right in a way, yes you do find solace, you do find happiness, you do get happiness and you do get comfort but Do they tell […]

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With every day you live, with the every second of every day that pinches you for what you are, for how you are and what you will, can not be ignored. Broken hearts not only by Love but by the Life often take much more time than you expect but If you see the beautiful […]

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