With slightly no one to understand you, with everyone running on the paths of their own lives, there’s a little capacity for those that want to repair their damaged brain. With the people around you, in touch with you, close to you, those that mean a lot to you —– taking steps forwards and leaving you behind alone for the miseries to fight you. A man would say why shall anyone fight your battles with you, that’s not even a legitimate question? True, it’s no one’s responsibility in aiding you for your fights but then remember, you need to be the same animal as they were when you were fighting your battles and were having a hard time. No matter, how soft your heart is, no matter how kind you are, those that make you worse in your hard times need to be treated the same way. That’s the issue for the people that are mentally damaged, they are too sympathetic towards the people because they have been through everything, they know what it feels like and yet they run to help those that fared them well when you were being a warrior, when you needed a hand because it couldn’t be done alone.

That’s just a picture. The worst part is you being around tons of loads of people, and some of them actually know you, know for who you are, they actually have seen your true colors and yet they turn a blind eye to you, and yet they don’t understand you. All your struggles for showing the true colors and making them unveil yourself for someone to know you, to be with you because you know there are going to be times that you are going to need that person and when those hard times come, the person that you relied on, shys away. They walk away, you can see them turning away and you being there numb and with shock face are standing shivering, wondering what on Earth is happening.
Somehow, out of nowhere, you get this courage inside you to fight your battles yourself.
Ah, I know people say everyone’s battling their own battles but you see the point is, some enter the arena in the now, they literally have started fighting just now, and they tell you, my friend, everyone’s fighting their own battles. I get it, they really are, everyone is but some are then in the arena since they were kids, some are fighting when crossing the twenties. The difference is some are torn from fighting constantly while some are really fresh, but ah you see, we then behave like those old folks that always give advices, we help the newcomers in battling their battles and at the same time we fight ours too, so that’s what, two battles at the same time, an extra burden and for what? just to make the other guy, the other person and what happens next? He wins, the other guy wins and doesn’t give a shit load or a pint of credit, and they go away, they vanish. You wonder, why was I even helping that guy? Because I was kind Because I felt what He or She feels, Because I wanted them to better? Well, why don’t you focus on making yourself better first? It’s like you want the winters and at the same time, you want summers. There’s no duality, there’s only you. Ignore everyone, shy away from everyone, leave everyone behind. I’m not saying not to help anyone, I mean get yourself better, put yourself back into pieces, recover yourself and then go help others. You can’t be helping others while you need the help yourself.

But you see these mentally damaged people are so dumb that they don’t realize that they need to win themselves first and then they can win others. Sometimes in your life, a human enters and he or she makes everything better, he makes it good, he makes you feel good, and that’s really great but until then you’d always be needing to fight your own battles but at the same time never taking part in the battles of the others. Be like the ignorant people others are, Be selfish. They say being selfish isn’t good, I say being selfish is perfect. Everyone strives to be perfect, be it education, fitness, anything, they are selfish yet you aren’t, why? Because your mind has made connections in a certain pattern that doesn’t let you out of the loop, you need to break that freaking pattern, you need to tell your Brain, “Aye listen now, You are a ship and I’m the freaking captain, I’m going to try to make you happy, Let’s be done with everything going miserably inside you”.
Make melodies of your own, listen to your own rhythm, be the best of you, let go of the bad, be the best!
It sounds easy but its hard, hard doesnt mean its not possible, it is possbile, one step at a time, a step forward not backward, one step forward at a time. Being at one place, stuck at one place is worse than moving slowly forward.
Indeed, one day, you’ll be the happiest person. tumblr_ow13dhyo5K1tavqheo1_500

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